Mansour al Qubeissi

Dr. Mansour al Qubeissi is experienced in fluid mechanics, CFD development and mathematical modelling of thermal-fluid systems. His research efforts have resulted in dissemination of several publications in internationally refereed journals (e.g. Fuel, Int J heat and mass transfer), conferences (e.g. ILASS) and two textbooks. He is also involved in supervising industrial group projects - currently sponsored by JLR, final year individual projects, PhDs, and MSc projects.

Dr. al Qubeissi is recognised for his other achievements, such as:

  • 2010 (£2k) Award winner, by UNLTD, as a social entrepreneur for developing a local project “NETWORKING”, in which ethnic minorities were successfully encouraged to melt into society and enrol into higher education.
  • In 2009, Dr al Qubeissi received a UK-CARA Research Award with value of £7k for the MPhil degree achievement at the University of Sussex.
  • A STEM Ambassador, in which he delivers engineering knowledge to young generations (years 7-16) with aims of raising awareness of these generations in mathematics and engineering and associated real life applications.

Other activities:

  • Scientific and Technical Committee & Editorial Review Board Member: the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET) (01/02/2015-present)
  • Reviewer: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Automation;
  • Reviewer: Several IEEE conference proceedings.
  • Reviewer: International Conference on the Finite Volume Method: Applications & Numerics (ICFVM 2016);
  • Editorial Board Member: Larhyss Journal of Subterranean and Surface Hydraulics. 
  • Al Qubeissi, M. (2016) Heating and evaporation of multi-component fuel droplets. Ibidem-Verlag. 
  • Al Qubeissi M., Sazhin, S.S., Turner, J., Begg, S., Crua, C., and Heikal, M.R. (2015) ‘Modelling of gasoline fuel droplets heating and evaporation’. Fuel 159, 373-384.
  • Sazhin, S.S., Al Qubeissi, M., Nasiri, R., Gunko, V.M., Elwardany, A.E., Lemoine, F., Grisch, F., and Heikal, M.R. (2014) ‘A multi-dimensional quasi-discrete model for the analysis of Diesel fuel droplet heating and evaporation’. Fuel 129, 238-266.
  • Al Qubeissi, M., Sazhin, S.S., Crua, C., Turner, J., and Heikal, M.R. (2015) ‘Modelling of biodiesel fuel droplet heating and evaporation: effects of fuel composition’. Fuel 154, 308-318.
  • Sazhin, S.S., Al Qubeissi, M., Xie, J.-F. (2014) ‘Two approaches to modelling the heating of evaporated droplets’. Int Comm Heat Mass Trans 57, 353-356.
  • Al Qubeissi, M., and Sazhin, S.S. (2015) ‘Modelling of droplet heating and evaporation: an application to biodiesel, gasoline and Diesel fuels’. ICTEA-8: 8th International Conference on Thermal Engineering: Theory and Applications. Held 24-26 March 2016 in Amman, Jordan.
  • Al Qubeissi, M. (2012) ‘Proposing a Numerical Solution for the 3D Heat Conduction Equation’. In Al-Dabass, D., Yunus, J., Giriantari, D., Ibrahim, Z., and Kumar, S. (eds.) Modelling Symposium AMS 2012. ‘6th Asia Int. Conf. Math. Analyt. Model. & Comp. Sim. (AMS2012)’. Held 29-31 May 2012 in Bali. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 144-149.
  • Sazhin, S.S., and Al Qubeissi, M. (2014) ‘Modelling of automotive fuel droplet heating and evaporation: mathematical tools and approximations’. Journal of Physics Conference series [in press]
  • Al Qubeissi M., Sazhin, S.S., de Sercey, G., and Crua C. (2014) ‘Multi-dimensional quasi-discrete model for the investigation of heating and evaporation of Diesel fuel droplets’. ILASS-2014: 26th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems. Held 8-10 September 2014 in Bremen, Germany.
  • Sazhin S.S., Al Qubeissi, M., and Heikal M.R. (2014) ‘Modelling of biodiesel and diesel fuel droplet heating and evaporation’. IHTC-15: 15th International Heat Transfer Conference. Held 10-15 August 2014 Kyoto, Japan.
  • A Full list of publications can be accessed via:
  • Investigation of heating and evaporation of multi-component droplets: 
    This project was built the EPSRC projects ‘A Fundamental Study of the Novel Poppet Valve 2-Stroke Auto-ignition Combustion Engine (2-ACE)’ (EP/F058276/1) and ‘Development of a new quantitative kinetic model for the analysis of heating and evaporation processes in complex hydrocarbon fuel droplets’ (EP/H001603/1). It was focused on the development of the new models for realistic multi-component droplet heating and evaporation which are relevant for automotive applications, implementation of these models into the CFD code FLUENT, and testing the models against experimental data.
  • Energy Efficiency and Environment: a Cross-Channel Cluster (E3C3):
    The INTERREG E3C3 project aims to create a centre for research and training focused on the development of knowledge, optimization strategies and tools for improving energy production systems (burners, engines, gas turbines), for a clean combustion based on consumption of liquid fuels from biomass.
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