Examination, Award and Graduation

In support of the University’s General Regulations and Academic Regulations (Chapter 8 and/or 9) all Postgraduate Researchers and their Supervisors are required to adhere to supporting Policies, Processes and Guidance.

Postgraduate Research Examination and Award Policy (doc) covers all aspects of the examination of Postgraduate Researchers at the University. Areas covered include:

  • Nomination of Examiners
  • Thesis Submission
  • Assessment and reassessment of the Thesis
  • Confirmation and approval of Research Awards following Examination

Please also see Information for Examiners of Postgraduate Researchers.

In addition to this Policy further Guidance is available in regards to:

Additional Information and Guidance on theseis submission and layout is available from the Doctoral College Student Portal.

The University also allows a Thesis to have an alternative format to a traditional thesis. The Guidance for this allows for thesis submissions by a Portfolio of research artefacts and/or practice or a combination of traditional chapters and artefacts.

All Awards are required to meet the FHEQ Level descriptor requirements as defined by the UK QAA for Higher Education.

In addition to the above documents the University also has a Code of Conduct for Postgraduate Research Remote Progress Reviews and Examinations (doc). This Code of Conduct defines the types of Remote Examination permitted for PGRs registered on Collaborative Research Degree programmes who may not be based at Coventry for some or all of their programme. The Code also sets out basic expectations and requirements to safeguard the PGRs Examination experience.

For additional Policies please also see:

Once an Award has been approved as defined within the Postgraduate Research Examination and Award Policy (doc), PGRs details will be sent to Academic Registry who coordinate the University’s Graduation Ceremonies.  Ceremonies take place three times a year and details of can be found on the University’s Graduation page along with details on how to book Gown hire and details of each ceremony.