Regulations and Procedures

All Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) are required to abide by the University’s Regulations Policies, Procedures and Processes.

The University’s Regulations are divided into two areas:

General Regulations – which cover everything from conduct of students to assessment;

Academic Regulations – which define the academic requirements for admissions, assessment, and include appendices that cover academic appeals process.

The University’s Postgraduate Researcher Regulations and Policies, Value and Recognition are outlined the Postgraduate Research Procedure Documentation Introduction.

The below links the Regulations with specific Research Policies, and additional Guidance and process documents.

Regulations Procedure Further information
Chapter 4, Academic Regulations
Defines the Academic and English Language Entry Requirements for all Research Degree programmes
Postgraduate Research Application and Admissions Procedure
Admissions and Application
Chapter 8 of the Academic Regulations defines:
Ethical approval requirements for all research projects conducted by Staff and Candidates. (8.2.2 refers) Principles and Standards of Conduct on the Governance of Research (pdf) During Registration
Registration(8.5 refers) Postgraduate Research Attendance and Engagement Procedure (pdf)
  Postgraduate Research Extension, Suspension and Change of Registration Procedure (pdf) Changes to Registration
Work to be undertaken abroad 
(8.6 refers)
Postgraduate Research Attendance and Engagement Procedure (pdf) During Registration
Progression (8.9 refers) Postgraduate Research Progression Procedure (pdf)

Code of Conduct for Postgraduate Research Remote Progress Reviews and Examinations (pdf)
Oral Examination (8.10 refers)
Thesis (8.12 refers)
Oral Examination Arrangements (8.13 refers)
Postgraduate Research Examination and Award Procedure (pdf)

Code of Conduct for Postgraduate Research Remote Progress Reviews and Examinations (pdf)
Examination, Award and Graduation
Supervisory Arrangements 
(8.14 refers)
Postgraduate Research Supervision Procedure (pdf) During Registration
Chapter 9 of the Academic Regulations
Doctorates and Higher Doctorates by Publication
This route is only available to:
  • Staff or individuals that have been a member of University staff within the last 2 years;
  • Staff of, or who have been staff (with the last two years) of a recognise Research Institution as approved by the University’s Research Committee;
  • Graduate of the University with at least 7 years standing.
All of the above would must have a portfolio of published or equivalent research outputs before application
PhD and Higher Doctorate by Publication
PhD by Publication Programme Specification
PhD by Publication Guidance


Doctoral College Admissions Team: For all queries relating to the application process and current applications please contact

To make an application please visit PGR+

Doctoral College Lifecycle Team: For registered Postgraduate Researchers, Supervisors and Examiners queries, please contact

Centre for Research Capability and Development: For all queries about Doctoral or Supervisor training, please contact

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