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Co-Creating Welfare (CCW) Current Projects

The project is funded by Erasmus+, the EU’s programme for education, training, youth and sport, and involves partners in Denmark, France and Portugal. As this is all about co-creation, we have practiced what we preach and have been talking to people working in welfare from the beginning and will continue to gather feedback along the way. We hope that with our help, welfare organisations across Europe will start putting these methods into action. Everyone should be involved together as a team from the beginning and all the way through.

Curious Stories Current Projects

How does diagnosis of dyslexia impact on identity, self-belief and reading progress in children and adults? Current Projects

This study aims to contribute towards a better understanding of the impact of identifying dyslexia in children and adults.  Of specific interest is the effect on identity, self-belief and reading progress in light of the age at which a learner is identified as dyslexic.

Multi-disciplinary evaluation of sexual assault referral centres for better health (MESARCH) Current Projects

This research project will evaluate Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) across England in terms of benefits and costs to service users and survivors of sexual assault and rape.

Small Group Reading Support Current Projects

Morphology, phonology and literacy in primary years: Evidence from eye-movements and dynamic assessments. Current Projects

My PhD research investigates the role of morphological awareness in the literacy development of budding readers. The project will take a closer look at the developmental trajectory of morphological awareness development, as it relates to other literacy skills by testing three different age groups within primary years.

Prosody, Morphology, Phonology and Multisyllabic Word Reading Current Projects

We hope that this project will provide us with further insight of a newly emerging side of literacy research as it incorporates the metalinguistic skill of prosody.

LIFT: A community-centered intervention to improve infant feeding practices among Pakistani and Bangladeshi families living in the UK Current Projects

Health and Life Sciences

Earlier research revealed that Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities living in the UK may be more vulnerable to lower breastfeeding rates than previously thought. We also found that infant feeding behaviours are influenced by cultural beliefs and practices, so that improving infant feeding outcomes requires culturally sensitive research.  With support from our collaborators, we have built trust with the local communities and are working with them to create resources to influence infant feeding practices and improve infant and maternal health

ifeed: User-centred development of an online and mobile phone intervention to support infant feeding choice and confidence to sustain breastfeeding and/or safe formula feeding Current Projects

Health and Life Sciences

Ifeed was launched in August 2018 to coincide with World Breastfeeding week.  In the first week it had 800 views and was shared by organisations supporting mothers and babies across the UK and globally.  We are currently seeking further feedback from parents about how the site influences their feeding choices and are preparing to evaluate the site for its influence on infant feeding behaviours. 

Literacy development: a review of the evidence Current Projects

Literacy development: a review of the evidence

The Coventry and Warwick Morphology and Phonology Project Current Projects

This project investigates how much children use information about the internal structure of words to compensate for difficulties in phonics when reading and writing.

Changing Attitudes Towards Dating Violence in Adolescents (CAVA) Current Projects

The CAVA project focused on Changing Attitudes to Dating and Violence in Adolescents through the use of an immersive and engaging video game designed to appeal to young people.

An Evaluation of Bringing Hope's Second Chance Damascus Programme Current Projects

A project working with men in prison, some of whom have been convicted for a firearm offence, and also working with men in the community who have served time for a firearm related offence.

Reading and home-education: a questionnaire study Current Projects

The aim of this project is to find out more about home-educators’ motivations and approaches to the teaching of reading.

EFFECT Current Projects

The EFFECT project will provide EU policy-makers with a definitive body of knowledge concerning the nature, extent and impact of gun enabled crime (gec), the effectiveness of interventions aimed at combating gec and the cross-border sharing of ballistic intelligence.

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