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RIPPLE: Respiratory Innovation Promoting a Positive Life Experience

RIPPLE: Respiratory Innovation Promoting a Positive Life Experience

General Practice Nursing: Leadership for Quality

General Practice Nursing : Leadership for Quality

The MyWay Project

A randomised controlled feasibility trial of a tailored digital behaviour change intervention with e-referral system to increase attendance at NHS Stop Smoking Services

Leadership in Pre-Registration Education

The project aimed to explore and maximise leadership development in pre-registration healthcare curricula and prepare new graduates to develop leadership attributes before moving into their qualified professional roles.

Are personal budgets always the best way of delivering personalised social care services to older people?

This NIHR/School for Social Care Research funded project aimed to examine whether personal budgets are always the best way of delivering personalised social care services to older people. 

Improvement Science Training for European Healthcare Workers (ISTEW)

Developing shared academic and practice based programmes that enable European universities to build improvement capability and capacity within their own healthcare workforce.

LIFT: A community-centered intervention to improve infant feeding practices among Pakistani and Bangladeshi families living in the UK

Earlier research revealed that Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities living in the UK may be more vulnerable to lower breastfeeding rates than previously thought. We also found that infant feeding behaviours are influenced by cultural beliefs and practices, so that improving infant feeding outcomes requires culturally sensitive research.  With support from our collaborators, we have built trust with the local communities and are working with them to create resources to influence infant feeding practices and improve infant and maternal health

ifeed: User-centred development of an online and mobile phone intervention to support infant feeding choice and confidence to sustain breastfeeding and/or safe formula feeding

Ifeed was launched in August 2018 to coincide with World Breastfeeding week.  In the first week it had 800 views and was shared by organisations supporting mothers and babies across the UK and globally.  We are currently seeking further feedback from parents about how the site influences their feeding choices and are preparing to evaluate the site for its influence on infant feeding behaviours.