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Rebecca Gladwin-Geoghegan

Associate Head of School at Coventry Law School | Faculty of Business and Law |

Dr John Filippas

Senior Lecturer in Computer Networking| John Filippas is a Senior Lecturer within the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics.

Lara Chaplin

Assistant Professor in Marketing/Advertising | Lara Chaplin is an Assistant Professor in Marketing and Advertising, as well as Course Director for Postgraduate Marketing. She has academic and industry experience, with time spent as a marketing and business consultant.

Dr. Joan Lockyer

Assistant Director of International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship | Dr. Lockyer is the Assistant Director of the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship, and maintains responsibility for the development and delivery of its academic programmes.

Dr. Paul Gower

Assistant Professor in Finance; Course Director MSc Banking and Finance | Paul Gower is an Assistant Professor in Finance and Course Director for MSc Banking and Finance - he teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate modules. His research interests focus on the impact of financial regulation on the banking sector.

Dr. Sailesh Tanna

Associate Professor | Dr Tanna is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting, and has taught various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as developing postgraduate degrees in Banking and Finance.

Glenn Noble

Assistant Professor in Theatre| Glenn is a highly skilled and versatile theatre arts practitioner, having seventeen years experience of devising and directing professional theatre and teaching within Higher Education.

Brian McMullan

Lecturer in Business and Management |   Brian McMullan is a lecturer in Business and Management, as well as leading a second year Business Management module. He is conducting his PhD into soft power.

Pauline Maleyrie

Assistant Lecturer in French | School of Humanities | Faculty of Arts and Humanities | Email:

Dr Andrew Jones

Lecturer in Law | Faculty of Business and Law |

Dr. Graham Sadler

Associate Professor in Finance | Dr Sadler is an Associate Professor of Finance. His research interests cover shareholder activism, executive remuneration and the structure and function of the Board of Directors.

Frank Magee

Head of School| Frank works for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the School of Humanities

Neil Renwick

Professor of Global Security | School of Humanities | Faculty of Arts and Humanities | Email:

Dr. Keith Gray

Associate Head of School (Student Experience) | As Associate Head for Student Experience in the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Dr. Gray is responsible for managign and enhancing the experience of students in the school.

Zoe Gazeley-Eke

Assistant Professor in Academic English | School of Humanities | Faculty of Arts and Humanities | Email:

Dr Neshat Safari | Business and Law

Lecturer and Researcher | Coventry Law School | Faculty of Business and Law | Email:

Dr. Crystal Zhang

Associate Head of School (Quality and Accreditation); Associate Professor in HRM/Organisational Behaviour | Dr. Crystal Zhang, is Associate Head of School for quality and accreditation within the School of Marketing and Management, and an Associate Professor in HRM and OB. Her research interests are in international human resource management.

Professor Hilary Nesi

Professor in English Language, Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities

Ann Muirhead

Course Director/Senior Lecturer| Course Director in International Fashion Business and Senior Lecturer in Fashion

Dr Marcus Maloney

Lecturer in Sociology | School of Humanities | Faculty of Arts and Humanities | Email: