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Dr. Sharon Williams

Lecturer in Biomedical Science 

School of Life Sciences 
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences 



I have a PhD in Biochemistry and I previously worked as a post doctorate research fellow in both the Biology and Chemistry departments of Warwick University, between 2002 and 2010. My research focused on the biophysics and biochemistry of proteins, and understanding the mechanisms of enzymes. I have a wide range and depth of research experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and chemistry.I am a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and I am involved in many projects related to the society. I have joined Coventry University as a lecturer in Biomedical Science in November 2014 to continue my research into exploring enzymes mechanism in general and lignin degradation in particular.


  • PhD
  • Associate Fellow of HEA PgCert
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry


I am very interested in applications for industrial biotechnology that could be developed and characterise novel bio products obtained by enzymatic oxidation of lignin. In addition, lignin degradation would release valuable low molecular weight aromatic chemicals that would add considerable value to biofuel production.

My other interest is the twin-arginine translocation, or Tat pathway. In this pathway, substrates are synthesised with N-terminal signal peptides containing a key twin-arginine motif. The proteins are then transported by a membrane-bound Tat translocon, which is uniquely able to transport fully folded proteins across the tightly coupled plasma membrane. One of the interests is how the system can be exploited for the production of high-value therapeutic proteins and also development of drug targets.

Recent projects:

  1. Exploring unique compounds from lignin and rubber degradation using MnSOD and Dyp-type peroxidises. 
  2. Exploring the twin-arginine translocation pathway and linking it to drug development.
  3. Enzymes of the phenylpropionate catabolic pathway in E.coli.

Recent outputs and publications


Teaching modules

  • Skills in Biomolecular sciences 1 (116BMS)
  • Skills in Biomolecular sciences 2 (117BMS)
  • Biology for chemists (124BMS)
  • Biochemistry and Microbiology (121BMS)
  • Molecular Genetics (216BMS)
  • Contemporary skills for Biomolecular Sciences 1 (222BMS)
  • Contemporary skills for Biomolecular Sciences 2 (223BMS)
  • Biomolecular Analysis (226BMS)
  • Professional experience sandwich year (227BMS)
  • Research design for biomolecular sciences (325BMS)
  • Independent project in biomolecular sciences (326BMS)

Areas of Expertise

  • Biophysics and biochemistry of proteins
  • Mechanisms of enzymes
  • Molecular biology, genetics and PCR
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023