Games Technology MSci/BSc (Hons)


Course Code

UCAS Code: BSc: G454
UCAS Code: MSci: G455
International Code: BSc: EECU138
International Code: MSci: EECU177


Coventry University (Coventry)


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3 years full-time
4 years sandwich
4 years full-time
5 years sandwich

Start date

September 2023

This is a proposed new course for 2023-24 entry and the course content will be added shortly. Please keep checking back on this course page to see our latest updates.

Course overview

Study level: Undergraduate

Coventry University’s Games Technology degree is a highly-focused software engineering course with a long history of training specialist programmers and developers for the video games industry world-wide.

The course doesn’t only teach you how to use game engines – it teaches you the programming and scientific skills necessary to extend commercial engines and develop your own from scratch. These are the skills industry looks for in game programmers.

  • Master advanced techniques to leverage and extend industry-standard engines in the creation of immersive, interactive experiences.
  • Understand the engineering and technology which underpins digital artwork and real-time rendered animations.
  • Develop your own game engine systems, from graphics renderers to physics libraries, using high-performance programming techniques.
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Global Ready

An international outlook, with global opportunities

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Teaching excellence

Taught by lecturers who are experts in their field

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Career ready graduates, with the skills to succeed

Why you should study this course

  • The technology, practices and challenges involved in game development are continually evolving, therefore the course content reacts dynamically to reflect the complexities of this modern and increasingly interconnected sector.
  • The course aims to empower you with the fundamental capabilities needed to pursue independent game development, as well as giving you the opportunity to gain professional tools and wider contextual understanding of game engineering upon successful completion, to succeed in larger studios.
  • Develop your own games and game technologies in our dedicated Game Development Laboratories4
  • Explore emerging technologies with virtual and augmented reality hardware
  • Gain experience with console and cross-platform development.

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