Undergraduate Finance

At Coventry University, we provide finance help for students and pride ourselves on offering competitive tuition fees which are reviewed annually. We also offer a wide range of scholarships to help support students with their studies. Here you’ll find all of the information you need to understand university funding and details about scholarships. 

Important notice for students within the EU

If you are an EU national starting a higher education course in January 2021 or May 2021, we are pleased to confirm that you remain eligible for the home/EU fee status and access to the student loan. This financial support comes from Student Finance England and covers undergraduate and postgraduate study for the duration of your course, providing you meet the residency requirement.
The UK will leave the EU at the end of the transitional period on 31 December 2020. If you are an EU national arriving in the UK from 01 January 2021, you will need to comply with the UK’s new immigration rules.

UK Fees

How can I pay my tuition fees?

Payments can be made through our Online Payment Portal. All major credit and debit cards (excluding AMEX) are accepted. You will need the student number and date of birth to complete data validation checks. The fees for individual courses can be found by looking up the course on our Course Finder or by ordering a prospectus.

Should you encounter any issues whilst making your payment, please do not hesitate to contact the Finance team using the details below.

Phone Enquiries

Should you have a query you wish to discuss with the team, please see our contact details below:

Team Type of query Telephone/Email
Invoicing Tuition fee invoices, fee queries, fee sponsors, direct debits. 024 7615 2277
Treasury Methods of payment, bank transfers, e-payments, receipt requests. 024 7615 2255
Credit Control Discussion of overdue payments, blocking and exclusions, instalment plan arrangements, payment issues 024 7615 2266

Finance Counter

Our Finance Counter is open to discuss finance issues face to face at the times detailed below:

Student centre cash office opening hours
Day Opening hours
Monday 1pm - 3pm
Wednesday 1pm - 3pm
Friday 1pm - 3pm



Coventry University's flexible payment schemes

If you don't want to borrow your tuition fees from the UK Government then we can help you spread the cost. You can pay your fees directly to the University without applying for a Government student loan. We can offer one of the following payment schemes to help you, your parents or guardians manage the cost:

  • Full Payment Scheme;
  • Three Instalment Scheme;

Payments and instalments can be made via our secure online payment portal. Please refer to our full Tuition Fee Terms and Conditions.

Self-financing students

Students paying their own tuition fees will be issued with an invoice during the enrolment process. You will have to pay this invoice in full within 14 days or sign up to an instalment payment plan via our online payment portal.

Paying by instalments

Self-financing students (studying more than 30 credits) can arrange to pay their fees in instalments.

Instalment payments can be set up during the online enrolment process or via our automated card payment system (from a valid credit or debit card).

Please refer to the Tuition Fee Terms and Conditions for further information.

Students who enrol at other stages of the academic year who are unable to give their details online should contact Credit Control (email: debthelp.fin@coventry.ac.uk).

Please note that any student failing to adhere to the applicable instalment scheme will be at risk of having access sanctions applied to the University resources.

Sponsored students

If your fees are to be paid in part or fully by a sponsor (such as your employer), you will be required to provide a sponsor letter or Fee Authorisation Form prior to enrolment. A letter from your sponsor should be on company headed paper and state the amount of funding you will be receiving and the academic year it relates to.

Fee Authorisation Forms are only to be completed by registered organisations and companies, and should not be used if your fees are to be paid by family members, friends etc., unless you are officially listed as an employee of theirs.

In all cases the document must be signed by an appropriate signatory.

The completed form/sponsor letter can be scanned and emailed to the Income Team at debtenq.fin@coventry.ac.uk. Alternatively, you can submit the completed form to the Income Team in person at the Student Centre or by post to the address:

Coventry University Finance Income Team 
Priory Street 



The information provided is subject to approval by the Office for Students Access and in some cases, is dependent on UK Parliamentary approval. The fees, loans and grant details are based on published information on the DirectGov website and are subject to change. Please check the Direct Gov Student Finance page for the latest information. 

For further queries, the Student Finance Team are located in:

Student Centre 
1 Gulson Road 
Coventry CV1 2JH 

Finance (Fees)
Tel: +44 (0) 24 7765 2277
Email: debtenq.fin@coventry.ac.uk

Government Funding

The Government's Funding Scheme

  • Tuition fee support (tuition fee loan);
  • Living cost (maintenance loan).

How will the new Government Tuition Fee Loans work?

UK and EU students can take out a tuition fee loan from the UK Government to pay their fees. The key information about these loans is:

  • you don't have to pay for your course tuition fees while you are studying;
  • your tuition fees are paid directly to the university if you take out a loan;
  • you can get a loan to cover the full cost of your tuition fees and you only start to pay it back when you are earning over £25,000 a year.

UK students studying full-time can take out a maintenance loan from the UK government to help with costs such as food, accommodation and travel. Further information can be found at GOV.UK.

How will I pay back my loan?

If you take out a loan for tuition fees and/or for living costs from the UK Government then your loan repayments will be deducted from your salary, normally through the UK tax system. Further details on repayment can be found on the Student Loans Company website

Is there any support for students with dependants?

The Government provides extra financial help to full-time students with child or adult dependents:

  • Adult Dependents’ Grant;
  • Childcare Grant;
  • Parents' Learning Allowance.

Further information can be found at GOV.UK.

Is there any support for students with disabilities/special needs or learning difficulties?

You may be entitled to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). This allowance is not dependent on your income and is not repayable. The DSA is intended to help with the extra costs of study that are a direct result of your disability. Items such as specialist equipment, non-medical helper, travel costs and other general costs can be included depending on your needs.Further details can be obtained from GOV.UK. 

Self-financing students

Students paying their own tuition fees will be issued with an invoice during the enrolment process. You will have to settle this invoice immediately or sign up to paying by instalments as detailed in the payment section.

Social work students: May qualify for a Social Work Bursary if eligible from years 2 and 3 of study. Students can apply for tuition fee and living costs support in the same way. 

NHS students: From 2017 entry NHS students will be funded in the same way through Government Loans. Additional support is also available to students with other circumstances

Coventry University Scholarships:Coventry University Scholarships are awarded to recognise truly exceptional sports achievement and academic excellence. Further details can be found on our Scholarships webpage.

ELC Scheme

The MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) provides financial support for members of the Armed Forces looking to pursue Higher Education. For more information, please visit their website.

Contact details

The Finance Team are based in the Student Centre, 1 Gulson Road, Coventry CV1 2JH.

Finance (Fees)
Tel: +44 (0) 24 7765 2277
Email: incenq@coventry.ac.uk

Student Funding (scholarships, loans and grants)
Tel: +44 (0) 24 7765 2040
Email: fundingsupport@coventry.ac.uk

Student Finance England Students

Frequently Asked Questions  |   Useful contacts  |   Useful links

If you are taking out a maintenance loan or a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England to help support you in your studies it is important that you have completed your application correctly. Any incorrect data could cause issues and delays to your funding.

Please make sure you update your records with Student Finance England with any changes to your University, course or fees as soon as possible. If you are having any difficulties then please contact us at Coventry University via email on slc.reg@coventry.ac.uk

Student Finance England (SFE) Checklist
  • If you have come through clearing and previously applied to another university it is important that you have updated SFE with the details of your new university so that your maintenance and tuition loans won't be delayed. You must also inform Coventry University so that we can make sure the transfer is completed.
  • You must ensure that the course you are planning on studying at Coventry University matches the course details on your SFE account.
  • If your course offers a placement year we will, by default, indicate to SFE that you plan on completing a placement even if you are undecided at the point of application. If you decide against the placement we can update the details at that point.
  • Due to Coventry University having variable fees depending on the course you have chosen to study please make sure your application states the correct fee
  • Your application will be held up if you have not submitted all relevant personal information to SFE, it is important that you have provided up to date bank details and your national insurance number
  • Keep checking your online account and the "view correspondence" screen, as if SFE have requested more information, it will be detailed here
  • Your application with SFE is not complete until you have signed and returned the online declaration form that they have sent you (if enrolled before March 2018). Please ensure this is submitted as soon as possible
  • We will not register your attendance at the University, which triggers payment of your tuition fees and maintenance loan/grant, until you have picked up your ID card at enrolment.

 Student finance process flowchart

Frequently asked Questions

I need my Student Support Number with Student Finance England to enrol on my course. Where can I get this?

Your Student Support Number can be found on page 3 of your Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter under the barcode on the top left hand side.

How can I check the progress of my application with SFE?

You can check the progress of your application by logging into your student finance account at www.gov.uk/student-finance and selecting the academic year you've applied for.

I have received my Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter, what should I do next?

If you have applied online then your Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter will contain an 'Online Declaration' which you are required to complete and return.
Please ensure that the Online Declaration is returned to the following address:

Student Loans Company Ltd, PO Box 4035, Glasgow, G52 4XF.

Your Student Finance Entitlement letter will also have a 'Payment Timetable', if you have received this after the start of your course then you may need to show this to Coventry University Finance.

I have not received an online declaration form how can I get one?

When your application for student finance is approved you will be issued with a Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter and an Online Declaration form for completion. Normally this will take 7-10 days to reach you after your application has been approved.

Alternatively you can log in to your student finance account and print it from your 'View Correspondence' screen.

I didn't get the grades needed for my firm or insurance choices and have applied for a new course through Clearing. What do I need to do?

UCAS do not inform Student Finance England about any changes to your course details, therefore it is imperative that you notify them as quickly as possible of any change in your circumstances. This can be done by logging in to your online account. You will need to supply the following information:

  • New University/College name
  • New course name
  • New course duration
  • New fee amount
  • New year of study
I have studied previously, can I still get financial support from SFE?

This support is not available if you hold a qualification equivalent or higher level to the one you are going to study. If you hold a lower level qualification or have previously studied in higher education for any period of time, support may be available, but that support will depend on the number of years that you have previously studied. Prior to starting your course you should contact SFE (0845 300 50 90) to confirm your eligibility for student finance to ensure that you can pay for the course.

Is my course eligible for funding from Student Finance England?

Generally, courses are eligible for financial support in the following circumstances.
If they are full-time courses (including sandwich/placement courses) and they lead to:

  • A first degree, such as a BA, BSc or BEd;
  • A Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE);
  • A Higher National Diploma (HND);
  • A Higher National Certificate (HNC);
  • A Certificate of Higher Education;
  • A course for the initial training of teachers;
  • A course for the further training of youth or community workers;
  • A course leading to the an MEng qualification;
  • A course in preparation for a professional examination of a standard higher than that of examination for advanced level GCE, or the examination at higher level for the Scottish Certificate of Education, or the examination for the National Certificate or National Diploma of BTEC or SQA; and not being a course for which a first degree (or equivalent qualification) is a normal entry requirement; or
  • A course providing education, the standard of which is higher than that of examination for advanced level GCE; or the examination at higher level for the Scottish Certificate of Education, or the examination for the National Certificate or National Diploma of BTEC or SQA, but not higher than that of a first degree course and not being a course for which a first degree (or equivalent qualification) is a normal entry requirement.

The following courses are not covered:

  • All postgraduate courses except Initial Teacher Training.
  • Access or conversion courses which prepare students to take a higher education course.
  • Courses of further education.
My course has extra weeks study, can I get additional support?

All current students domiciled in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive an 'extra weeks' portion of Maintenance Loan if their academic year exceeds 30 weeks and 3 days in length. Your application must be income assessed before a long course rate can be applied.

I sometimes use a different spelling of my name. How will this affect my application?

You should apply to Student Finance England (SFE) using the name that is showing on your identification (ID) i.e. Birth Certificate or Passport. If you have already made an application to the University (HEI) and your name differs from the name that you used when making a Student Finance Application, it will affect your payment from Student Finance England. Please contact your university to make the necessary changes.

I am an EU student. What type of support can I receive?

All eligible, full time EU students can take out a loan to cover the cost of tuition fees. However, new EU students starting their course in academic 2020/21 will no longer be eligible for support from Student Finance. Please note that any previous study undertaken at Higher Education (HE) level may affect your eligibility for funding (see section regarding previous study).

The maximum you can borrow depends on the fees charged by your university. It is not affected by your household income.

Should you require any further information please feel free to contact the Student Finance Services European Team.

Student Finance Services European Team, PO Box 89, Darlington, DL1 9AZ

Phone Number: (+44) (0) 141 243 3570

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm

I started on a full-time course but now want to study on a part-time basis how will this affect my funding?

Please note that any previous study undertaken at Higher Education (HE) level may affect your eligibility for funding (see section regarding previous study).

The funding available will depend on your mode of study i.e. Part Time or Full Time. Please see details below on how to apply and finance available.

Part Time – If you change your actual 'mode of study' from full time to part time you should apply as a new part-time student using a PTL1 form. You will be eligible to receive a Tuition Fee Loan (subject to eligibility) and a pro rata maintenance loan if you are studying over 20credits.

Full Time - If the faculty states that you are classed as a full time student regardless of the intensity of your study, you should complete a PR1 form as you will be a returning student. You will be eligible to receive funding available as a continuing student.

If I need to repeat a year of study what funding can I apply for?

Repeating a year of study – If you are required to repeat a year of study you should still apply to SFE as a full-time continuing student using a PR1 form. As you intend to return to full-time study you will still be classed as a full-time student for funding purposes.

If you are applying by paper application please send your completed application form to the following address:

Student Finance England, PO BOX 210, Darlington, DL1 9HJ

How is entitlement normally calculated?

It is important to note that each application is assessed individually by SFE so you need to consult with them about your entitlement.

Normally you will receive funding for the number of years of your course plus one gift year. So if you are enrolled on a three year course you normally receive 3 years funding plus one extra (gift) year, usually for false starts or retake years.

If you have previously studied in higher education this is reduced from your entitlement before they recalculate your future entitlement. So if you have previously studied a two year course elsewhere you may only have two years of funding remaining which are normally reserved for the last two years of a course.

I do not have a bank account yet, can I pay my student finance into someone else's account?

Due to financial regulations your Student Finance payments must be paid into your own account.

Please see the Gov.uk website for further information as to the types of bank accounts that are available.

Other people on my course have received their funding but I have not, why is this?

There are several contributing factors that may result in you not receiving payment of student loans or grants. Your application for student finance must first be approved and you will have received a Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter to confirm your funding. This will also clarify the next steps you must take to receive payment. If you have not received this then there may be some outstanding information they require from either yourself or the sponsors (parent/guardians) of the application. You can check the progress of your application or check if there is any further information needed by logging into your Student Finance account.

My fees have not been paid to the University, can you tell me why?

Normally fees will be paid to the university or college on set dates within the academic year.
If your loan has been approved by Student Finance England then you are only required to show your university or college your 'payment advice notification' that was sent to you at the beginning of the academic year, it is included in the Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter. These fees will only be paid on receipt of the Attendance Confirmation Report which is returned by your university or college.

If you have not had your loan approved by student finance you will have to make alternative arrangements to pay the fees directly to the university or college.

For some courses your fee support may come from other sources, e.g. NHS courses.

How and when will I be paid?

You have to enrol at your university or college before they can make your first payment. You will usually do this in the first week of your course and you may have to take along your Student Finance Notification letter, so make sure you keep this safe. Once you have enrolled and picked up your ID card, we will let SFE know you are attending and they will make your payment. You don't need to do anything other than enrol and collect your card. It can then take three to four days for the money to reach your account, depending on your bank.

When will I get my first payment/why have I not received my first instalment?

When your application for funding has been fully approved you will be sent a Student Finance Notification of Entitlement letter, this letter will detail proposed payment dates for any loans and grants. The payment dates are set and governed by your university term start dates and these cannot be changed.

Before the first instalment of funding is paid to you by the Student Loans Company (SLC) there are a few things that must happen:

  • SLC must have your bank details
  • If you have made an online application, you may be asked to return a signed and dated Online Declaration
  • A valid National Insurance Number (NINO) must be showing on the account*
  • You must have enrolled on your course and attendance confirmation have been received from your university or college**

* The National Insurance Number (NINO) validation process will take approximately one week and will only be sent to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) once your application for support has been fully approved. Normally this is sent on a Wednesday and returned the following Wednesday. This process will take only place for all new students as the national insurance number would have been validated previously for students who are returning.

**Your University/College (HEI) will only have access to your details on the Student Information System (SIS) once your application has been fully approved. If your application is 'Approved - Awaiting Signature' the HEI cannot confirm your attendance, as you have not signed and returned the declaration form.

Note: If you submitted an online application you will have been sent a declaration to complete and SFE cannot send your National Insurance Number for validation until this is returned. Maintenance loan and Tuition Fee loans will not be paid until we have a confirmed valid National Insurance Number in our system.

My payment shows as blocked, why is this?

Answer There are general issues that may arise that can result in payments being blocked. Examples of these are as follows:

  • You have not provided SFE with bank details
  • Your national insurance number has not been provided or validated as yet by the DWP.
  • SFE have had returned mail from your address

You can check your correspondence from SFE to see why your payment is blocked.

What happens to my funding if I temporarily withdraw?

The university will retain 25% of SFE funding if you withdraw by in the first term, 50% in the second term and 100% in the third term, please refer to the withdrawal policy for the dates.

A temporary withdrawal assumes you will return a year later during the week you withdrew. Any tuition fees will be at the new rate so you will need to pay any inflationary increase if fees increase.

If you return earlier than the point at which you withdrew you may be liable for fees that SFE may not fund. Please note that SFE tuition cannot be used for previous years outstanding tuition or carried forward to subsequent years as they fund for specific study with a specific amount of funding for each academic year e.g. 25% in 2013/14 and 75% in 2014/15, The temporarily withdrawn year will be seen as a year's worth of funding used normally known as the gift year.

What happens to my funding if I completely withdraw?

The university will retain 25% of SFE funding if you withdraw by in the first term, 50% in the second term and 100% in the third term, please refer to the withdrawal policy for the dates.

A complete withdrawal assumes you will not return to study on the same course. The complete withdrawal will be classed as a year's worth of funding used which is normally known as the gift year.

I have been refused funding for student finance and I would like to appeal this decision, how can I do this?

If you think a decision Student Finance England have made regarding your funding application is incorrect, you may have the right to appeal. An appeal is a formal request to Student Finance England asking them to review their decision either on whether you are entitled to financial help or on the amount of funding we have awarded to you.

If you wish to appeal against their refusal to award you student funding or you disagree with how any funding has been calculated then you can appeal in one of three ways:

  • By downloading and sending them an appeals template from the Gov.uk website
  • By sending an email to formal_appeals@slc.co.uk
  • Or by writing to them at: Formal Appeals, Memphis Building, Lingfield Point, P.O box 226, Darlington, DL1 9GA

When submitting your appeal you will need to give them details of the decision you are appealing, and why you consider their decision to be wrong. You should also enclose any evidence which supports your case.

On receipt of your appeal a dedicated team will issue an acknowledgement within 5 working days of the appeal being received and they will send you a full response within 15 working days.
Note!! The above time-scales do not start to run until SFE have all the evidence required

If your appeal is upheld your application will be passed back to the processing unit and processed as normal.

If you are not satisfied

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your appeal they can escalate your appeal to the relevant Head of Service. Again, an acknowledgement will be sent within 5 working days and a full response within 15 working days.

Finally, if you are still not satisfied

You can ask for your appeal to be referred to an Independent Assessor. The Independent Assessor is completely impartial and has Terms of Reference agreed by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

What is a Change of Circumstance form?

Answer If a student's course details change due to: course change, repeat year, withdrawal or resuming of course following a withdrawal? A change of circumstance form would need to be submitted to Student Finance England so that the application is updated.

Students would need to submit this form if the change occurs before the course start date. The change of circumstance form can be found on the students online loan account.
If the change in circumstance occurs after the course start date then the university can submit an electronic change of circumstance form to SFE.

How long does a change of circumstance form take to process

The change of circumstance form only takes the university a few minutes to submit to SFE. Depending on SFE's workload the processing time for a COC can be 3 to 20 working days.

The tuition loan is paid at the beginning of the third term which is usually April.

The maintenance loan is paid directly to the student three times a year on the dates given on the loan entitlement letter.

Postgraduate Students

The postgraduate loan is paid directly to the student three times throughout the year. The payment dates can be found on the loan entitlement letter. The loan amount is divided in to 33% for 1st payment, 33% for 2nd payment and 34% for the final payment.

As the Postgraduate loan is paid directly to the student. The student would need to contact the debt team (on Tel: 02477 652266 debthelp.fin@coventry.ac.uk ) to set up a payment plan.

How to make a complaint to SFE

For information regarding how to make a complaint to SFE please visit the gov.uk website or click on the link below:


Who to contact if a student loan has not been approved by enrolment

If SFE are have not finished processing your student loan application at the time of enrolment. Please e-mail the Coventry University Debt Team on debthelp.fin@coventry.ac.uk . To notify them that your tuition loan payment will be late.

When e-mailing the debt team please include your full name, Student ID number and evidence that you have applied for a student loan.

Who to contact if you are not eligible for a student loan

If you are not eligible for a student loan and have to pay your own tuition fees. A payment plan can be set up by Please e-mail the Coventry University Debt Team on debthelp.fin@coventry.ac.uk.

Student loan eligibility criteria

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for a Student Loan from SFE please visit the Gov.uk website via the link below:


Postgraduate Funding

UK/EU Students who are undertaking their first postgraduate degree can apply for student finance to support tuition and living costs. The postgraduate finance is available for both full time and part time students. In the academic year 2019/20 PG students can apply for a postgraduate loan of £10,906.

For more information regarding the PG loan please click on the link below:


Deadline for making a student loan application

In order for your student loan to be ready to be paid out at the time for university enrolment. A student loan application would need to be submitted by the end of MAY for September start students.

Students who are starting university in September can still submit a student loan application after the end of May. But please be aware the student loan may not be ready to be paid out at the beginning of September enrolments.

How does loan repayment work?

For information regarding how to repay your student loan please visit the Gov.uk Website or click on the link below:


Who should CU Coventry students contact with loan queries?

If you are a CU Coventry (CUC) student and have a query regarding your student finance or enrolment. Please contact the Student Finance Team at CUC on:

E-mail: studentfinance.cuc@coventry.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7765 9658

Advanced Learner Loan

If you have a query regarding the Advanced Learner Loan the student finance team at CU Coventry should be able to help. The Student finance Team (CUC) can be contacted on:

E-mail: studentfinance.cuc@coventry.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7765 9658

Do I need to submit a finance application when I am on a placement year?

If you are on the placement year (3rd year) of your course but do not require a student loan. It is still advised that you submit an application to SFE to advise them that you are on a placement year and do not require a loan. This is to keep continuity with your student finance record so that SFE are aware that you will return to study in your final year.

How to complete a student finance application?

For instructions on how to apply for student finance please click on the gov.uk web link below:


For specific questions regarding the application, please call SFE directly on (0300) 100 0607.

Useful contacts

For enquiries about Student Finance England
SLC team: e-mail slc.reg@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 659786

For enquiries on scholarships or the emergency fund
Student Funding: e-mail funding.ss@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 652040

If you need advice on paying your tuition fees
Debt Officers: e-mail debthelp.fin@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 652266

For help with disability issues
Disabilities office: e-mail disabilityadviser.ss@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 658029

For Student Finance England enquires for CU Coventry students
CU Coventry: e-mail studentfinance.cuc@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 654959 or 659679 or 659673

For enquiries about sponsorships
Invoicing team e-mail incenq.fin@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 652277

For European student enquiries
EU team e-mail europeanapplications.io@coventry.ac.uk telephone 02477 652010

For Post graduate student enquires
Post graduate office: fill in our information request form or telephone 02477 658071

Advance learner loan (24+) telephone 0300 100 0619

Student Finance Wales Undergraduate telephone 0300 200 4050 Post graduate 0300 100 0494

SAAS telephone 0300 555 0505

Student Finance Northern Ireland Undergraduate telephone 0300 100 0077 | Postgraduate 0300 100 0493

Useful Links

Gov.uk www.gov.uk/student-finance

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