Go Abroad

Go Abroad

Our Go Abroad schemes offer all Coventry University students multiple opportunities to gain international experience and acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills and become globally-agile citizens and globally-employable graduates.

Our exciting programmes are open to all Coventry students and offer various opportunities to work, study and gain valuable experience outside the UK. Coventry University strongly believes in offering all students the opportunity to go abroad and funding is available to help support those students who decide to take this challenge.

Information on each of our different projects is available on this page. 

  • Study Abroad

    The Study Abroad programme - also known as Go Study - gives you the chance to study outside of the UK at one of our partner universities after you have successfully completed your second year of study.

    Why study abroad?

    Coventry University believes that students benefit from an overseas experience. Students that study in another country acquire a broader range of skills and employers will be more likely to choose them because of their additional offerings along with their degree.

    University graduates that study abroad and develop adaptability and foreign language skills will have a competitive advantage on the international job market and be more likely to achieve success in their career.

    Where can I study abroad?

    Each year many students from Coventry University have the option to spend an enhancement year studying abroad. If you are a Tier 4 student, you need to ensure that you comply with regulations associated to your visa.

    You have the option to study in the EU or study outside the EU.

    How is it connected to my study?

    Your time on study abroad will count towards your Enhancement Year and will enrol on the appropriate module. You will be required to meet, and get approval, from an academic to ensure the study you’ll be undertaking is suitable.

    Will I need a visa?

    Yes, if you’re staying in the country long term it is likely you will need to apply for a visa. This will be something you’ll need to investigate and complete on your own. The team can provide supporting documentation to help with the application process.

    Do the modules bear any credits?

    Currently, studying abroad does not offer any additional credits. It will, however, show on your final transcript.

    Find out more information and how to apply by visiting the Global Opportunities for students page.

  • As a Coventry  University Group Student, the International Internships Team can support you if you would like to complete a work internship abroad.

    Why do an Internship Abroad?

    There are many reasons why students may choose to work or study abroad whilst studying at university.

    Here are just some of them;

    • Gain life experiences
    • Stand out in the graduate job market, employers tend to love experience
    • Return more motivated, independent and confident
    • Acquire new or improved language skills
    • Gain a new perspective on your academic subject
    • Build greater knowledge of other cultures
    • Gain a global mind-set
    • Learn more about yourself
    • Develop an international network of social, academic and professionals that can increase global job prospects.

    Handshake helps employers find, access and hire the best talent from universities across the UK using our single platform.

    Find out more about the International Talent Team

  • Turing Scheme Research

    The Turing Scheme allows postgraduate research, and PhD students the opportunity for short term experiences outside of the UK.

    Where can I research?

    With the Turing Scheme students can spend a minimum of 28 days and maximum of 12 months abroad. You have the option to undertake research, in and out of the EU, depending on your preferences.

    How can I find out more?

    Visit our Global Opportunities for students page or email studyabroad@coventry.ac.uk.

*Please note that we are unable to guarantee any placement or study abroad opportunities and that all such opportunities may be subject to additional costs (e.g. travel, visas and accommodation etc.), competitive application, availability and/or meeting any applicable visa requirements. To ensure that you fully understand the requirements in this regards, please contact the International Office for further details if you are an EU or International student.

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