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Intellectual property and commercialisation

Coventry University is adept in supporting researchers, businesses and students with the management of intellectual property rights.

Our teams have experience with managing spinout companies as well as novel technologies with the knowledge and expertise to protect your creative outputs from imitators.

This expertise has helped to secure the intellectual property for ground-breaking new concepts developed by Coventry University researchers and students, as well as protecting businesses' unique products and services.

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Cyber Owl

Cyber Owl, a spin out company as a result of a partnership between Coventry university and Crossword Cybersecurity Plc, have developed a protective monitoring system that helps overcome security threats in the shipping sector, supporting the fleet operator to identify and find solutions to cyber risks they face.

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InoCardia Ltd, a Coventry University spin out company has developed a novel assessment for efficiently testing the affects of new drugs and chemicals on heart contractility. The breakthrough technology simulates the action of a pumping heart, using real human heart tissue, stimulated by electrical impulses and could save thousands of lives and improve the quality of treatment for endless others.

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Run Dry Traction System (RDTS)

University spin out company, RDTS, led by Professor Mike Blundell along with researcher and technology industry expert, Ravi Ranjan, has developed a novel device to combat aquaplaning and loss of traction for cars, busses, trucks and motorcycles in wet road conditions. The technology could be adapted to improve aircraft ground operations and rail transport safety.

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