Naeem's story
Postgraduate student

I chose Coventry University for the awards and accreditations

Occupational Psychology MSc student Naeema Ghulam Hussain from Dubai shares her experience of studying her postgraduate course at Coventry University. 


How long did you spend researching Coventry and your course? What channels did you use? An open day, social media, website, recommendations from others?

I had only spent a couple of weeks researching about Coventry University and the Course before I sent in my application. I lived in Dubai so I processed my student application from IDP, an international education organisation offering student placements abroad. I researched about Coventry University mainly through the Coventry website. Also, I spoke to a friend who was then studying in London, who highly recommended Coventry University because a friend of hers had studied here a couple of years back coincidently for a psychology course as well and she had only good things to say about her journey as a Student.


Is there anything in particular that set Coventry apart from other institutions you were considering?

Coventry stood out for three main reasons. Firstly, the awards and accreditations acclaimed by Coventry University were really impressive and appealing to me as a Student investing a large sum in pounds for my higher education. Secondly, the Tuition Fee was affordable as compared to the other Universities. Lastly, I really liked the Lanchester Library, the campus and of course the culture of the whole city as per my research. Additionally, my friend’s recommendation was like a cherry on top.


Why did you choose Coventry University to study your PG course?

I chose Coventry University for the awards and accreditations it has acclaimed over the years. I learned that Coventry University was awarded Gold for outstanding Teaching and Learning by Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF 2017) and ranked among Top 15 University of the Year for Student Experience. In addition, the University is also in partnership with Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Professional Development (GPD) and provided modules using variety of techniques.


Why did you choose this particular course? What appealed most to you?

Psychology, I believe is all around us and I have a different approach towards the method of motivating Human Resources at any firm. I am sensitive and genuinely interested in other beings, which made me confident that a Masters in Occupational Psychology is the path I wanted to tread. I was interested in the course for the thorough empirical, theoretical and methodological introduction to the field of Occupational Psychology and the significant emphasis on professional research methods.


Could you provide an overview of Coventry and what’s available, e.g. City centre, food and drink, nightlife?

Coventry is known for its welcoming community and as a centre of peace and reconciliation. Though it is a smaller city compared to the rest, I look at that fact as an advantage being a Student because everything is within a walking distance. Be it the Cathedral, the City centre, Bus station, Train station, Coventry Campuses and even the Lachester Library. My favourite pastime is going on long walks, to all the lovely parks in and around Coventry and feeding the birds has come to be a stress buster I look forward to all week.


Which postgraduate facilities do you use most, for example the library, Jaguar building, Centre for Academic writing etc.? If you are a fairly new to your studies, which facilities appealed to you most during the recruitment process?

The Lanchester Library has become my second home here in Coventry. My friend’s call me a Library Mouse because I am there most days.

Due to mitigation issues the first semester, I had to deal with academic integrity issues and the Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) came to my rescue. Attending relevant workshops provided by CAW has been truly helpful; especially the one on one with the staff has been truly educative.


What do you enjoy most about being a PG student at Coventry University?

So far, in my Journey as a PG Student, I have absolutely loved being part of the Coventry University Student Union (CUSU) as a Course Rep, which allows me to be the voice for fellow Students, bring about a change, and make an impact to so many lives. Being a gregarious person and having an undying passion to help those around me, having the chance to be a Student Ambassador of several kinds (PG Student Ambassador, UniBuddy Ambassador and a Wikimedia Ambassador) has been genuinely enriching. These part time roles are not just for display on my resume but also a learning curve that taught me people management skills among many other skills.


What hints and tips do you wish you had known before you started your PG studies, which you would like you share with others who are considering joining the Coventry PG community?

I wish there was a “Time Management” course that we could take up before signing up as a PG Student. Reading a Master’s degree requires a lot of time management. You read it right, it is not “doing or finishing up” one’s Master’s degree but in reality it is us “reading” our Master’s degree even if it is taught or research.


If you had to describe your experience in three words, what would they be?

Exhilarating, Enlightening and Rewarding.


What are you planning for your next steps once you complete your PG studies?

After the completion of my Master of Science in Occupational Psychology, I want to pursue a career in Coaching. I aim on getting my certification in Coaching, mostly as a Life Coach or a Career Coach. My vision is to practise the diverse methods of Occupational Psychology that I will garner from this program at Coventry University with a personalised touch to bring about a change in the society which would eventually cause a change in the way we look at Human Resources.

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