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Strength and Conditioning Suite

Strength and Conditioning Suite

Our Strength and Conditioning Suite is used for many different scenarios. This includes, but is not limited to, individual and team testing and coaching sessions, as well as individual and group client assessments.

The suite is equipped with four standard Olympic lifting platforms, as well as a custom built Olympic lifting platform that is fully instrumented with duel force platforms, an electromyography system, and a three dimensional motion capture system.

Further, the suite is also equipped with a fully instrumented 20m gait analysis track, an isokinetic dynamometer, and an anti-gravity treadmill.

Additional laboratory facilities within the department are also used for the assessment of cardiovascular performance, including under simulated environmental conditions. There are also other supervised facilities within the school for students to practice their coaching and other skills on each other and university athletes.


What is the most frequent request you get?

Primarily users request assessment and treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. Service users also frequently request advice on managing the risk of injury, training advice, as well as advice on recovery strategies.

How does the School of Life Sciences use the suite?

The facility is also used for the delivery of S&C support to the university focus teams and sports scholarship athletes.

What equipment/software is available for students to use?

  • Strength and Conditioning equipment
  • Force platforms
  • Video Analysis systems
  • EMG

How do students interact with the facility?

The facility is used for teaching and support of athletes.

Who are the main users of the facility?

The Strength and Conditioning suite is used my Masters students, Sports Scholarships students and focus teams.

What services and support are provided?

UKSCA accredited staff.

What access do students have?

Students can access the facility at any time the suite is open for delivery of support.

More Information about our Strength and Conditioning MSc course

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