Our Team

Our staff work in teams to undertake excellent innovative and applied research and teaching programs.

Full-time members

Name Title Email
Professor Gideon Maas Executive Director aa4122@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Andrew Johnston Director of Research ad6366@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Arun Sukumar Associate Professor ac2780@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Senmao Xia Associate Professor ac5150@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Esin Yoruk Associate Professor ac1002@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Cherisse Hoyte Associate Professor ac0170@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Isaac Amoako Associate Professor ad5198@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Thanh Huynh Assistant Professor ad2685@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Sunita Dewitt Assistant Professor ab8943@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Bridget Irene Assistant Professor ad3587@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Kemi Chukwuma-Nwuba Assistant Professor ad5641@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Heliza Hami Lecturer ad5113@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Gilbert Naab Lecturer ad5061@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Luca Sabia Lecturer ad6411@coventry.ac.uk
Tanya Vidanagama Lecturer ad0253@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Siona Ndeh Cynthia Lecturer ad8209@coventry.ac.uk
Angela Williams Project Officer pur003@coventry.ac.uk
Barbara Jaszczyk Project Officer aa3993@coventry.ac.uk

Visiting scholars and associates

Name Title Email
Professor Paul Jones Visiting Research Professor ictegeneral@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Esin Yoruk Associate ac1002@coventry.ac.uk

Hourly paid lecturers

Name Title Email
Tony Duckett Hourly Paid Lecturer ab3222@coventry.ac.uk
Ian O'Donnell MBE Hourly Paid Lecturer ac4833@coventry.ac.uk
Donna Jarrett Hourly Paid Lecturer ac8537@coventry.ac.uk
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023