About ICTE

The International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) is a unique institution which supports sustainable socio-economic transformation through systemic approaches to entrepreneurship in communities nationally and internationally.

This is achieved through a focus on Entrepreneurial Leadership, Entrepreneurial Education, and Innovation. The research that we undertake informs our thinking and our actions.

At ICTE our research supports economic development and policy impact through project engagement and consultancy. Education is at the heart of economic transformation and entrepreneurial education supports socio-economic growth, enhances social capital and reduces inequality.

Enterprise and entrepreneurship is part of the fabric of the Coventry University Group because we want to make a dynamic contribution to sustainable socio-economic development in the UK and beyond. However, we also acknowledged that entrepreneurship remains far from optimal and is struggling to address major challenges such as unemployment and sluggish socio-economic growth found in various parts of the world. Coventry University realised that a new approach is needed and, true to its innovative culture, created the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship during August 2015. Since its creation, ICTE has performed well in addressing various issues in the area of enterprise and entrepreneurship education, research, university enterprise zones and policy formulation. Through involvement of various UK and global partners Coventry University will aim to accelerate these activities in the future.

Prof John Latham Vice-Chancellor and CEO, Coventry University Extraordinary Professor, Stellenbosch University

The following values support the implementation of the aim of ICTE; namely:

  • Global and local thinking: The focus will be on developing ideas that address global phenomena without neglecting local challenges.  In order to achieve on this value, a network of international experts will be organised to excel on research activities.
  • Sustainability: To ensure a healthy and equal society meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future are essential.
  • Relevance and impact: Activities will prove relevance and impact to specific communities.
  • Entrepreneurialism: To forge the next generation of great business thinkers and doers nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit is essential – building capacity and capability through research-led educational programmes and relevant research that can be embraced by others will be key.
  • Innovation: The focus will be on pushing barriers and breaking new ground (level 2 innovations), to drive forward fresh ways of doing business for the 21st century.

For more information on ICTEs vision and Transformational Entrepreneurship please see our position paper and ICTE Annual Report

Since its inception on 1 August 2015, the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) has excelled in various activities in the UK and globally. With its purpose of supporting sustainable socio-economic development through transformative entrepreneurial approached in a systemic manner, ICTE strives to find solutions for a multitude of questions for an uncertain future. ICTE knows that they do not have the capacity to perform alone on these challenging questions and in a true networked society forming collaborative approaches with interested stakeholders around the globe addressing current and futuristic challenges.

Professor Gideon Maas, ICTE Director
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