Scott deLahunta

Associate Professor in Dance

Dr. Scott deLahunta has worked as a writer, researcher and organiser on a range of international projects bringing performing arts with a focus on choreography into conjunction with other disciplines and practices. He is currently a full-time Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University (UK) and Visiting Academic with Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University (AUS) and Co-Director (with Florian Jenett) of the Motion Bank Institute, the second phase of Motion Bank - a research project of The Forsythe Company - which he directed from 2010-2014. He was an Associate Research Fellow with Dartington College of Arts (UK) from 2000-2009 during which time he began a long-term research into creative processes in dance with Wayne McGregor. From 2008 to 2013, he was the Director for R-Research the interdisciplinary research department for Wayne McGregor | Random Dance. From 2006-2010, deLahunta was Research Fellow with the Art Theory and Research and Art Practice and Development Research Group, Amsterdam School of the Arts, where he worked closely with the dance company Emio Greco | PC, a project which culminated with the two year research project (2008-2010) Inside Movement Knowledge. During this period, he also served as an advisor on the Siobhan Davies Digital Dance Archive project and Synchronous Objects, for One Flat Thing, reproduced by William Forsythe. He has held short-term research positions in a variety of contexts including Kings College Cambridge (2005) and serves on the editorial boards of Performance Research and the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. He has published widely and is frequently invited to speak at events internationally. deLahunta has sat on various awarding juries including Arts Council England, NESTA and Prix Ars Electronica. He has taught for different education institutions in the past including the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (1994-2006) based at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, where he also co-developed the Amsterdam Master of Choreography program. deLahunta's PhD (2010) from Plymouth University is on-line at:

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  • R-Research Department. Wayne McGregor|Random Dance, London (director): 
To enhance and generate new understandings of choreographic practice by bringing the knowledge of dance into conjunction with other fields.
  • Inside Movement Knowledge (project co-director)
: Two-year collaborative, interdisciplinary research project into new methods for the documentation, transmission and preservation of contemporary choreographic and dance knowledge.
  • Capturing Intention. Emio Greco|PC, Amsterdam (research coordinator and consultant): 
Researching way of documenting, analysing and transmitting the work of dance company Emio Greco|PC resulting in a book and interactive installation.
  • Siobhan Davies Replay, London (research advisor)
: The first online dance archive in the UK bringing together all of the materials and documentation associated with Davies' choreographies.
  • DAMPF_lab, European Project Austrian, German, Dutch partners (research coordinator): 
An EU funded collaborative project fostering new and distinctive art works that integrate interactive media technologies with the performing arts.
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