Somatic Performance Practices: Sandra Reeve and Ecological Movement

Developing a UK case study on somatic practices in performance, whilst drawing out information on ‘context’ as an aspect of somatic practices in performance.

InVisible Difference: Dance, Disability and Law

Invisible Difference brings together researchers from two different disciplines, dance and law and draws on concepts and methods from the arts and social sciences.

Live Archive: Revisiting Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre Archives

This project revisits and develops sections from ‘Lunar Parables', choreographed by Sara and Jerry Pearson.

The Library of Processes

This project investigates the various ways in which artists document reflections and experiences of working within an artist venue.

Digital Dance Archives

This AHRC-funded project provided public access, via one web platform, to several distinct dance collections from the NRCD.

Motion Bank

The main focus of this project is the creation of online digital scores, to be made publicly available via the Motion Bank website.

Civic Epistemologies

The Civic Epistemologies project is about the participation of citizens in research on cultural heritage and humanities.

GAP-E: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Researching Key Industry Gaps in AI and Ethics

Coventry University lead on 'GAP-E: transdisciplinary approaches to researching key industry gaps in AI and Ethics.'

Research Capacity Building Programme in Pakistan

A capacity building programme for researchers, reviewers and the institutional research management of Offices of Research, Innovation, & Commercialization (ORICs) in Pakistan.

Error Network

The overall objective is to set up a Research Network that will hold two workshop/laboratories and a symposium to identify important research questions concerning how dance research and human-computer interaction (HCI) can inform each other.

WhoLoDance: Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education

By applying Multimodal Sensing and Capturing Analysis, WhoLoDance will make use of advanced motion capture technologies to transfer dance movements into digital data in such a way that makes it possible to blend any motion elements within the motion capture database.

In the Dancer’s Mind

A study into creativity in contemporary dance.

Renewal, Innovation and Change: Heritage and European Society (RICHES)

RICHES is a research project about the change that digital technologies are bringing to our society, culture and heritage.

The AIR Network - Action for Interdisciplinary air pollution Research

The AIR (Air Pollution Interdisciplinary Research) Network is an interdisciplinary research partnership of African and European researchers and African community members, with the long-term aim of creating innovative, participatory solutions to air pollution and its effects on human health in low-resource settings in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Performing Inclusion

Performing Inclusion examines audience responses to dance performances by disabled people in North and East Sri Lanka and seeks to develop strategies for capacity building in ‘mixed able’ dance practices and the evaluation of arts for development activities. The project is a collaboration between University of Essex, Coventry University, VisAbility (a German and Sri Lankan ‘mixed-able’ dance organization) and 15 Sri Lankan researchers.

Dancing Bodies in Coventry - Part 2

The Dancing Bodies in Coventry project has secured funding from Coventry University City of Culture Grants 2019-2020 scheme and the University Partnership Coventry Creates Funding Call to embark on a second iteration of the project.

Resilience and Inclusion: Dancers as Agents of Change

Resilience and Inclusion: Dancers as Agents of Change aims to advance knowledge within the professional dance sector and audiences about the working lives of dancers with disabilities.

Reality Remix

The 'Reality Remix' project brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts to address challenges and opportunities that emergent technologies bring to content creation and interaction methods in Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Performing Empowerment: Disability, Dance & Inclusive Development in Post Conflict Sri Lanka

This project examined an innovative way of empowering persons with conflict-related disabilities in Sri Lanka through a combination of dance and law that was pioneered and piloted by VisAbility, a Sri Lankan/ German association, in mid-2015.

Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of Dance Through Motion Capture

The Capturing Stillness project places a microscope on the dance practice Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), in combination with motion capture and game engine technologies.