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A study examining the Drug, Alcohol & Recovery Team and the Drug Recovery Wing at HMP Rye Hill

The report presents key findings from a prison-based study examining the role of a Drug, Alcohol and Recovery team and a Drug Recovery Wing at category B prison.

The Master Gardener Programme working with urban communities: Garden Organic’s London Food Poverty Project: Southwark

Funded by The Hirschmann Foundation, The London Food Poverty Project aimed to work with communities to build resilience and knowledge so that involved communities feel confident to address the triggers of food poverty positively and proactively.

Plastic Litter Surveying on Coventry Canal

A survey of the Coventry canal to determine the extent and types of plastic pollution.

Sustainable management of an Ethiopian rangeland for biodiversity and pastoralists

This project looks at how sustainable management of the Liben Plain enhances livelihoods and food security for 10,000 pastoralists, prevents mainland Africa’s first bird extinction and integrates biodiversity conservation into Ethiopian rangeland recovery.

Water quality performance of permeable pavements

Permeable pavements (PPS) are often the most appropriate sustainable drainage (SuDS) device for highly urbanised areas and can be used for parking areas, low speed roads and landscaped areas.

Quantum Thinking for Agroecology

This research programme aims to explore the Principle of Complementarity or Wave-Particle Duality as it applies to agriculture


The SILTFLUX project aims to unravel pollution challenges for a set of Irish rivers.

Austerity Retail in Britain

This project from the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) aims to critically examine the emergence of what we call ‘austerity retail’ initiatives amidst rising food poverty in Britain. These include ‘social supermarkets’ and other forms of ‘community shop’ offering highly discounted products, and often making use of ‘surplus’ or ‘rejected’ foods which would otherwise be thrown away. 

Innovative designs of sustainable agro-hydro-health systems

Under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council and Akademi Sains Malaysia will be holding a 5-day workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia commencing on 31 July 2017. The workshop is being coordinated by Professor Sue Charlesworth (Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University) and Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Halim Ghazali (Universiti Putra Malaysia), and will have contributions from other leading researchers. The workshop will explore the following research topics in relation to ‘off-grid’ communities.

Sustainable flood resilience in refugee camps; combining sustainable drainage with WASH

The aim of this to identify and redress issues affecting resilience to flooding in refugee camps.

Blooms for Bees

Blooms for Bees aims to promote bee-friendly gardening and encourage citizen scientists from across the UK to explore the presence and floral preferences of bumblebees in their gardens and allotments.

Co-developing a Social Impact Toolkit for Community Food Businesses

This work builds upon research funded by Just Growth (2016) & Power To Change (2017) to create a toolkit that Community Food Businesses can use to understand their social impact.

ReACHyn: Recent Atmospheric Change and the Hydrology of the Niger

This project aims to quantify the temporal changes of flow patterns in the River Niger. 

Human Wildlife Co-Existence (ALERT)

The ALERT conservation/psychology project is a multidisciplinary project concerning both theoretical and applied research, working with both lions and people, led by Dr. Jackie Abell.

Power to Change

This project aims to assess the social impact of small-scale agroecological businesses and food producing enterprises in the UK.

Democratising Agricultural Research in Europe (DARE)

Democratising Agricultural Research in Europe, or D.A.R.E., is a project that brought together food producers, researchers and activists from Europe to share knowledge on participatory and transdisciplinary approaches to research in agriculture. The project focused specifically on agroecological initiatives in Europe, and explored how research can help to realise the potential of these approaches to enable sustainable and just food systems.

Green Entrepreneurs in Cuba – Evaluation of a collaborative initiative to strengthen Small Scale Private Sector Initiatives in Rural Cuba

To evaluate the project participatory action learning cycle and the focus on small scale entrepreneurship in order to provide guidance and recommendations to donors for project follow up.

Online Space, Reconnection and Alternative Food Networks

Spaces of ‘alternative’ and ‘local’ food production and consumption have been the subject of considerable interest within agri-food research and policy making circles in recent decades. This project explored how online space is used by a range of Alternative Food Networks (AFNs) in Coventry and Warwickshire.  

Pervious Pavement Designs to Control Urban Flooding and Pollution

Urban flooding following intense rainfall can be partly managed by the installation of water management infrastructure including Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). Coventry University is a worldwide centre of excellence in the design, testing and impact assessment of novel drainage infrastructure

Evaluation of the Master Gardener Programme

The Master Gardener programme is a volunteer support network, proving free local advice and support about growing food to local people and communities.