Trade-off Management between Safety and Cybersecurity (TOMSAC)

This research is aimed at assuring cybersecurity and safety of complex CPS/IoT systems, which arise from convergence of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT).


The ASSURED CAV (Connected and Autonomous Vehicle) Parking project’s purpose is to create a bespoke and realistic, controlled set of parking environments to test and support the development of current and future connected and automated parking solutions.

Digi CAV

Investigating the feasibility of building a connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) simulation platform that enables plugging in external heterogeneous components.

AREA – Augmented Reality Enhanced Assembly

This explored the use of augmented reality in the context of manufacturing assembly workers required to conduct complex product assemblies (such as high performance battery packs for electric vehicles) with increased efficiency.

UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE)

The overall project aim is to create one of the world’s most advanced environments for connected and autonomous driving.

Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems (SUITS)

SUITS is one of the three projects of the EU’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative focusing on sustainable urban mobility plans.

Trusted Intelligent Connected Autonomous Vehicles (TIC-IT)

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) are expected to bring huge benefits to society. The Trusted Intelligent CAV (TIC-IT) facility will be critical to this, providing a realistic, controlled high speed, limit-handling and fully connected environment.

Evaluating Cyber Security Evidence for Policy Advice: The Other Human Dimension (ECSEPA)

This project focuses on policy makers in the UK, specifically those civil servants who provide short and long term policy advice, either in response to specific crisis incidents or in the context of longer term planning for capacity building.

Interdisciplinary Training Network in Multi-Actuated Ground Vehicles (ITEAM)

ITEAM is aimed at establishing and sustainably maintaining the European training network by training strong specialists to research and develop cutting-edge technologies in the field of multi-actuated ground vehicles (MAGV).


InnEx will develop a highly innovative lightweight exhaust system for forced induction diesel and petrol automotive vehicles.