C-DaRE Invites… Solveig Gade

C-DaRE Invites… you to join Kate and Lily and our guest, sharing their timely research, on this occasion Solveig Gade. Please join us on zoom with your preferred refreshments.

Moving Pain Online

This webinar includes a panel discussion on how dance and somatic practices can be shared through digital technologies for people living with pain.

Event - Talking Back: Hip Hop through research and practice

Talking Back: Hip Hop Through Research and Practice is grounded in feminist and critical theorist Bell Hook’s idea of “Talking Back”. This three day event will open up a space to learn more about the five pillars of Hip Hop (Knowledge, style writing/graffiti, b-boying/breaking, Djing, Emceeing) and will allow artists and researchers to sit down and discuss their practice and reflect on their research.

Dance and Machine Learning: Unlocking Embodied Creativity for Generative Art

This seminar looks at research that combines investigations into principles of embodied creativity with the adoption of state-of-the-art methods in machine learning with the goal of enabling new approaches in computer-based generative art and dance technology.

C-DaRE Invites...Coventry Dance

This is an opportunity to find out about Coventry Dance, an organization set up with Coventry University as a partner, to network and connect artists across the city and region.

Chronic Pain: The Fear and Joy of Moving Webinar

A discussion panel with a physiotherapist, psychologist, dancer and person with lived experience of pain on the theme of ‘Chronic pain: the fear and joy of moving’.

C-DaRE Invites...Bodies, AI, Ethics and Diversity

This event is suitable for anyone interested in the ethical development and use of data-driven technology including scholars, scientists, engineers, creative coders, performers and media artists.