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A student using the Cruden F1 simulator

Rico's story

Rico’s main driver to study Automotive Engineering is to gain a mechanical understanding of classic cars so that it can be passed to the next generation. Clearly passionate about cars, ranging from 80’s classic cars to racing cars, he used to work for a well known car photographer back in Hong Kong to further his interest. Rico's dream is to open a garage or start a social car club.

You can’t study engineering in Hong Kong without going into manufacturing. You can learn in a garage but that's not what I wanted. I drive every day and I have some parts customised on my car back in Hong Kong. I’m not studying to be a designer or engineer but I’m studying engineering to have the knowledge to change my car parts myself.

I learned about Coventry University from some professionals in the car industry in Hong Kong. The car technicians recommended this university, and one of my friends in the car clubs also studied Automotive Engineering here.

The teachers are good and very responsive. Our teacher's teaching style is very different from other teachers I’ve ever met. He’s so fun and he has fun with the topic. He’s relevant and engaging, which will make you more motivated in a course. I love his vibe and teaching so much!

I also like the Engineering lab I’m in. It’s clean and comfortable, and the computers are new. I love the electric car charging station. I’ve also been to the engineering building in Coventry with the F1 simulator and it’s nice. The facilities at Coventry University are really professional and you can use professional software and simulations.

Location was very important to me. I chose Coventry because of the safer environment compared to other cities and location. It's a city with many different ethnicities. Also, you have easy access to public transport and it’s convenient to travel to other cities. If I take a train to London, it’s cheaper and faster than from Birmingham. The air quality is also better in the Midlands than London. It’s clean and I love the natural environment.

Keith Choi


Rico Tang


Student Bio

I came to Coventry from Hong Kong to study an International Foundation Year in Engineering, before progressing onto an Automotive Engineering BEng (Hons) degree at Coventry University.


International Foundation Year - Engineering

 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023