Changes to Registration

In support of the University’s General Regulations and Academic Regulations (Chapter 8 and/or 9) all Postgraduate Researchers and their Supervisors are required to adhere to supporting Policies, Processes and Guidance.

A research degree is a commitment that depending on the mode of study can take many years and during this time a Postgraduate Researcher’s (PGR’s) circumstances may change. To support and enable PGRs to complete their programme of research despite these changes the University permits some defined changes to registration (subject to approval).

The Postgraduate Research Suspension, Extension and Changes to Registration Policy (doc) supplements the supplements Chapter 8 of the Academic Regulations, in particular regulation 8.5.  The policy covers requirements for, and processing and approval of:

  • Suspensions of Registration
  • Extensions to Registration
  • Change of Mode of Study

In support of this policy please also see the University’s Policy on Support to Students: Pregnancy, Maternity and Adoption

Additionally this policy is also supported by specific Postgraduate Researcher guidance available to Postgraduate Researchers and Supervisors via the Doctoral College Student Portal.

For additional Policies please also see: