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Academic writing resources

Resources and materials from the Centre for Academic Writing.

Document supply

Information on the Document Supply Service.

Library Contacts

Individual contacts for the Lanchester Library are listed, with further details on how to contact them.

Work Packages

Work packages forming part of the COMODAL project. These include; understanding users, and the barriers and enablers to ALT adoption; development of Consumer Led Business Models for eALT; development of an industry Decision Support System and development of a guide for eALT organisations on how to reach consumers.

Aviation Management BSc (Hons) Course

This is a highly focused business management degree, designed to develop resilient professionals able to proactively apply specialist knowledge, skills and capabilities in the global aviation industry.

Building Services Engineering - Part-time BEng (Hons) Course

This course aims to provide you with a depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in core areas of building services, such as mechanical, electrical and water supply systems.

Building Surveying BSc (Hons) Course

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to give expert advice on construction, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of buildings, and aims to teach you how to always ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

Mathematics and Statistics BSc (Hons) Course

In today’s competitive world, many types of businesses and organisations are seeking out people who can interpret complex data and explain their findings and the implications simply and effectively. 

Software Engineering BSc (Hons) Course

The Software Engineering course at Coventry University covers the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need to be successful in this fast-paced, ever-changing industrial sector. 

Art, Design and Media Practice Foundation Course

This Foundation Art, Design and Media Diploma can enable you to explore and experiment across a wide range of creative disciplines.

Automotive and Transport Design BA (Hons) Course

This course offers you the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will enable you to create innovative and visionary concept designs for all forms of transport.

Fashion Brand and Communication BA (Hons) Course

This course is for students who are interested in the diverse and ever-expanding field of fashion media and is designed to nurture students to become innovative, informed, responsible writers, communicators and promoters, central to the industry's future.  

Fine Art BA (Hons) Course

Fine Art is an exciting course that enables you to develop your creative voice, by exploring both, traditional and innovative approaches to contemporary art, reflecting the ever-evolving creative industries.

Games Art BA (Hons) Course

The aim of this course is to develop your understanding of coders’ and game developers’ needs, while addressing the visual needs of games development.

Graphic Design BA (Hons) Course

The future graphic designer is curious, empathetic, responsible, knowledgeable, and technically adaptable. Coventry University’s Graphic Design BA (Hons) course challenges and guides you to become just that.

International Fashion Business BA (Hons) Course

This course aims to produce future business professionals with a broad understanding of fashion, who innovate and collaborate to drive the global fashion industry forward with a new, responsible directive.

Media and Communications BA (Hons) Course

Our Media and Communications course will immerse you in the driving forces of media exchange (theory) and the single trait that unites most, if not all media content: storytelling.

Media Production BA (Hons) Course

This exciting course aims to keep you up to date with the latest media industry developments and encourages you to develop skills to produce work for distribution across multiple platforms and genres.

Popular Music Performance and Songwriting BA (Hons) Course

The first step to becoming a popular musician is to think of yourself as one. Get trained up with our talent-building course to open up a world of opportunities!

Business and Marketing BA (Hons) Course

From roles in digital marketing and social media, to marketing strategy and planning, successfully completing our Business and Marketing BA (Hons) course can lead to exciting potential career options.