Using novel computational modelling approaches to address biased agonism at the Adenosine A1 receptor

We seek to apply cutting-edge advanced sampling molecular dynamics simulations to address the complex biological issue of how G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) transition between multiple active

Coffee Ingestion: Interaction Between Sex and Cycling Performance

The aim of this study was to investigate whether sex differences exist with regard to 5 km cycling time trial performance and affective responses following the ingestion of 300 ml caffeinated coffee,

The Effectiveness of a Primary School Based Badminton Intervention on Children’s Fundamental Movement Skills

This project examined if a badminton based intervention is effective in enhancing fundamental movement skills, physical activity, motivation to undertake physical activity, fitness and health in

Commercialisation of a Micronutrient Delivery Platform for targeted iron absorption

The aim of this project is to commercialise our unique, newly developed, micronutrient delivery platform (MDP) for iron absorption, for safe, cost-effective and efficient iron delivery.