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Virtual reality 3D illustration showing rotating heart model with medical icons overlayed

InoCardia: Contractome-AI


EIT Digital
Horizon 2020

Total value of project


Project team

Professor Helen Maddock; Dr Jeremy Billson, InoCardia; Dr Rob Scoffin, Cresset Group; Dr Jean-Pierre Valentin, UCB


Contractome-AI is a collaboration between InoCardiaCresset BioMolecules, UCB Pharma and Coventry University, supported by EIT Digital

Duration of project

October 2019 - December 2020

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Project overview

Contractome-AI is a learning engine used by Pharma & Biotech Companies in early Drug Discovery to develop safer drugs. It is an intelligent, online, virtual screen for drug-induced cardiac contractility.

Project objectives

Developing pharmaceuticals that do not show heart toxicity is particularly difficult. This is due to the lack of predictive technologies suitable for early Drug Discovery stage use. Contractome-AI meets this need by linking a drug’s key chemical and biological assay data to its effect in man, and making this available as a rapid, online, virtual screen.

It is a learning engine – the more real-world assay data added, the more predictive it becomes. Contractome-AI’s combination of novel assay and computational methods improves early detection of heart contractility issues, helping avoid expensive downstream problems.

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