InoCardia: Novel human-cell based assay for assessment of cardiovascular liability

The aim of this project was to test the concept of a higher throughput functional cardiac cell contractile assay under truly physiological conditions, advancing information on how the heart behaves functionally and enabling the testing of inotropic drugs in these conditions.

Review of Evidence on the Physiological and Psychological Development of Children

In 2015 the UK Government gave Sport England a new remit to support children aged 5-14 years. SE commissioned Duncan, Eyre and colleagues to undertake a review (completed in March 2017) to inform the body’s response to this.

Through the eyes of children, young people and families - Evaluation of the model of care delivered by WellChild Nurses

This project carried out a longitudinal evaluation of the model of care delivered to children, young people and families with complex care needs by organisation WellChild.

The Blended Diet Study: the perceived benefits and risk of using a blended diet with children and young people with complex health needs and enteral feeding requirements

The use of a blended diet as an alternative to prescribed formula feeds has provoked strong opinion in research and among professionals. The aims of the report will be to examine the evidence for best practice with regards to providing a blended diet via gastrostomy tube.

Teenage Cancer Trust North-West Pilot Site Evaluation: A participatory action research project in the NW of England evaluating Teenage and Young Adult cancer services

Coventry University were tasked with providing a  longitudinal evaluation of the Teenage Cancer Trust's pilot scheme in the North West. 

Using novel computational modelling approaches to address biased agonism at the Adenosine A1 receptor

We seek to apply cutting-edge advanced sampling molecular dynamics simulations to address the complex biological issue of how G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) transition between multiple active states.

Coffee Ingestion: Interaction Between Sex and Cycling Performance

The aim of this study was to investigate whether sex differences exist with regard to 5 km cycling time trial performance and affective responses following the ingestion of 300 ml caffeinated coffee, a placebo (coffee flavoured solution) and a control (no fluid).

The Effectiveness of a Primary School Based Badminton Intervention on Children’s Fundamental Movement Skills

This project examined if a badminton based intervention is effective in enhancing fundamental movement skills, physical activity, motivation to undertake physical activity, fitness and health in children aged 7-9 years.

Does Physical Inactivity Influence Productivity in the Workplace and Labour Market Outcomes?

This work project aims to place value on the importance of physical activity in policy solutions in the medium - long term, as well as develop and validate short-term interventions in delivering health and economic outcomes to individuals and the Midlands economy.

Using movement and story telling to enhance motor and cognitive development in preschoolers

This study sought to pilot an innovative intervention for pre-schoolers whereby movement is linked to storytelling in a fun and accessible manner.

Evaluation of the Shuttletime Programme

This project examined the effect of engaging in the BWF Shuttle Time programme, compared to traditional Physical Education, on children's current and future engagement in sport and physical activity and health.

InoCardia: Contractome-AI

Contractome-AI’s combination of novel assay and computational methods improves early detection of heart contractility issues, helping avoid expensive downstream problems.

Commercialisation of a Micronutrient Delivery Platform for targeted iron absorption

The aim of this project is to commercialise our unique, newly developed, micronutrient delivery platform (MDP) for iron absorption, for safe, cost-effective and efficient iron delivery.