Don't Dis my Ability: Marginalised voices from sport

This CBiS event will discuss the outcomes of a recently completed Heritage Lottery Fund pilot project.

Democratisation of Luxury: Current State and Future Directions

This CBiS event will discuss aspects related to luxury consumption

Unlocking the Potential – Exploring Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse

We invite early career researchers to submit abstracts for participation in an exciting academic workshop that delves into the world of blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and the emerging Metaverse.

Engaging Ethnic Minorities with Retirement Planning

This CBiS seminar will discuss what can be done to engage minorities with retirement planning.

A Tax-Shaped Retail Landscape

This CBiS event will discuss the impact that uniform "one-size-fits-all" tax policies have on shaping the retail landscape.

AI-enabled open innovation: How partner trustworthiness mitigates knowledge hiding between organisations

This seminar explores how rivals’ absorptive capacity influences AI capability development, mediated by open innovation, while considering the impact of interorganisational knowledge hiding.

Digital Vigilance: Harnessing Big Data for Enhanced Fraud Prevention Education in E-Retail

This CBiS event will discuss the utilisation of big data in e-retail, to harness insights and foster a continuous educational approach to fraud prevention.

Risk taking and decision making across domains: A review of Yaniv Hanoch's research

This CBiS event will review my different strand of research related to risk and decision making.

Bi-objective Stochastic Programming: Solution Method Discussion

In this seminar, Ilias will discuss the significant research progress made regarding bi-objective stochastic programming during his visit to the CBiS centre.

A New Canteen Culture? Reimagining Public Eating for Sustenance, Socialising and Sustainability

This CBiS event will look back to historical precedents and ahead to the future of food, this seminar explores the benefits of reimagining public canteens in the UK.

Your money, your life: Experiences of young people’s borrowing

At this seminar, we will share young people’s (aged 18-24) personal experiences of borrowing and their use of unsecured credit.

Towards facilitated optimisation: A case study in mental health service provision

This CBiS seminar presents a study for the evaluation and redesign of a Primary Care Mental Health (PCMH) service located in Kent, UK.

A Virtual Book Launch: Risk Management and Public Service Reform

Critical discussions with the panel members around the social risks associated with public service reform in the UK.

Exploring the Transition from Techno-Centric Industry 4.0 Towards Value-Centric Industry 5.0

The seminar will explore the transition from techno-centric industry 4.0 towards value-centric industry 5.0.

Ethics in AI and Surveillance Research

This CBiS seminar focuses on fundamental principles of integrity and ethics in using AI in research and surveillance.

Tackling loneliness and social isolation: exploring the impact of the Chatty Café Scheme

This CBiS seminar will discuss the findings from the research exploring the views of beneficiaries, volunteers and the wider general public to consider the potential impact the scheme has on society.

Entrepreneurship in Context: Systemic and Behavioural Explorations

This CBiS seminar provides insights into the relationship between Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (EEs) and regional economic development in the Italian regions, with a particular focus on the moderating role of firm size.

Collaborative innovation in a local authority – ‘local economic development-by-project’?

This paper analyses how local authorities address the challenges of prolonged austerity by making use of collaborative innovation, financed through bidding for instrumental technology-based projects.

Sport and the Blockchain

This event by the Centre for Business in Society will discuss the nascent relationship between sport and blockchain companies.

Personal data, public policy: public view of the NHS COVID-19 app

This event by the Centre for Business in Society will discuss public views of the NHS COVID-19 app, and what can be learned for future algorithmic behaviour modification technologies.