International Trade, Value Chains and SME Performance

This session focuses on SME performance related to both trade and global value chains. The presentations consider how both trade and participation in GVCs can influence both the competitiveness and resilience of SMEs.

Every Loser Wins: Leveraging Unsuccessful Olympic Bids

This event will discuss the ways in which cities can utilise Olympic bids for long-term benefits.

The Economic Transformation of Coventry City

This seminar will explore the changes that have occurred in Coventry over the last three decades, extending earlier research by Healy and Dunham (1994) to create a longitudinal study of industrial and occupational change in the city.

Mitigating the effects of product harm crises: an experimental analysis

This seminar will discuss how brand equity can be used to mitigate the effects of a product harm crisis.

Examining Innovation: University-Industry Collaboration and Responsible Innovation

This event will examine two approaches to examining innovation: university-industry collaboration and responsible innovation

The Business of Heritage – potential research agendas

This event will discuss the main challenges faced by UK heritage organisations, to identify potential research agendas.

The Representation of Ethnic Minority Women (EMW) in Leadership and Management Programmes

For this event, there shall be a discussion about EMW engagement within multinational organisations in terms of their involvement with leadership and management programmes and related career development opportunities.

Fighting Hunger and Tackling Food Waste: a view from the frontline of community food provisioning during the pandemic

This event will discuss the challenges in distributing food to people in need during the pandemic This seminar takes a behind the scenes look at how the community food sector mobilised to meet the unprecedented need for requests for help as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fareshare Midlands, a regional surplus food redistribution charity, were critical to residents across Nottingham accessing healthy, nutritious and safe food services. Researchers at the Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University will present the findings of research exploring the challenges faced by the community food sector. The presentation will reflect upon how Fareshare Midlands and central England Co-op worked to fight hunger and tackled food waste over the course of the pandemic and what can be learnt going forward in transitioning towards a more sustainable food system.  About the Speaker David, Jordon and Marsha have been working together on a project funded via the QR-Strategic Priorities Framework. The project has focused on the frontline of community food support operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marsha has longstanding networks in Nottingham, and the Midlands more broadly, which have facilitated this research. The project demonstrates the Sustainable Production and Consumption research cluster’s ongoing focus upon the ‘future of food’ which is one of the major policy challenges confronting local, regional and national government in the UK currently.

Space Tourism: exploring the business implications and research priorities

The talk will focus on the recent developments, early market indications and socio-economic significance whilst identifying interdisciplinary research priorities.

Disability sport and social change: An introduction to my research

Dr Brittain is an Associate Professor (Research) in CBiS. His research focuses upon historical and sociological aspects of disability and Paralympic sport with specialisms in Paralympic history and Paralympic legacies.

Second Innovation Lab for BIOPlastics - Designing Solutions

Evaluating the current solutions proposed in the First Social innovation lab to expand on possible solutions that challenge the norms in bioplastics packaging and identify promising prototypes.

Harnessing big data analytics in studying contemporary management challenges

Exploring the methodological innovations in big data analytics and how they can be better utilised to examine contemporary management topics and the global grand challenges of modern times.

MCDDM Lecture: Who cares about Big Data? And is it useful for making Big Decisions?

Professor Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino will present the Midlands Centre for Data Driven Metrology's March Lecture, discussing how to use big data to make big decisions.

Doctorate of Business Administration Webinar

This session will introduce the Doctorate of Business Administration - the pinnacle of practical business degrees, offering senior managers the opportunity to undertake business focused research that can facilitate real change in your organisation.

Helping established companies to become data-led: from comfy slippers to running shoes

This event is part of the CBiS public seminar series.

Understanding(s) of Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

As part of the CBiS public seminar series, this session offers two perspectives on the relationships between the city and creativity in order to broaden understandings of the City of Culture designation.

From Indonesia to the UK: The sustainability risks of the coffee supply chain

This event is part of the Centre for Business in Society's public seminar series.

CBiS Seminar Series: No back to normal? COVID-19 and the future of transport

This seminar will assess how the pandemic could influence mobility and transport systems moving forward.

CBiS Seminar Series: Innovations for tackling the plastics crisis

The panel will discuss how the curse of plastic pollution is being tackled using circular economy principles.