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Case Study - Debra-Jane

Case Study - Debra-Jane

Debra-Jane is an entrepreneur who started her own company, Think Mahogany, after graduating from Coventry University. She initially studied for an undergraduate degree before staying on to do her MBA. We caught up with her to find out how her university experience helped her to launch her business, along with any advice that she has for prospective students.

How did studying at Coventry University enhance your career?

When I was in Coventry University, I didn’t think for a minute that I would become an Entrepreneur. Even though I did not seek direct Entrepreneurial advice from my university, the university’s principles have come along with me on my journey.

I strongly attribute my intellectual development to what I learnt at University. I have been able to apply the business modules to the business processes I have developed for and apply in my company. The IT modules have given me the knowledge I required to be able to create working systems that have enhanced my creativity, information sharing and collaboration amongst users.

What is your favourite memory of Coventry?

My favourite memory of Coventry University is one of my life’s most treasured! I made good friends and, over a decade later, I am happy to say some of my closest friends are those that I made in Coventry. Even though we are all continents apart, thanks to technology, we remain just as close. Even if I had nothing, my friends from Coventry and my degrees, make it all worth the while.

What would you say to a student thinking of studying at here?

Considering I stayed on to do my MBA after my first degree, shows that Coventry met my academic expectations as an institution. The facilities were excellent, the motivated, committed and passionate lecturers were accessible, and there was a support system in place to accelerate the knowledge and skills being acquired.

Coventry as a town to live in whilst you study is equally good. It was a safe city, the social life was right, there were part time jobs available, there was good transportation system, housing was affordable and the people were pleasant.

What is your top tip to current students?

Make the most of the opportunities and resources available to you and use that to create the future you want for yourself.

Coventry University provided me with a high-quality education and learning experience. It groomed me to make significant contributions to my previous employers, my current business, this economy, this society. I have become a creative force in this rapidly evolving world. I have impacted many lives, and a few people would confess that I inspired them to start their own businesses. 

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