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Improving the Online Teaching of STEM Educators in Higher Education through Knowledge Mining from Pedagogy Literature

The Centre for Data Science is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for a self-funded full-time PhD studentship.

Machine Learning to Improve Groebner Basis Construction

CSM is offering a new project applying Machine Learning Technology to improve a key algorithm of Computer Algebra Systems.

Novel wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol design using a machine learning approach

This project will investigate and seek to innovate a novel collaborative cognitive radio approach between a multi-learning intelligent agent system.

Effect on society of gendered embodied and gendered virtual AIs and Robots with embedded emotion and conversational capacity

Coventry University is inviting applications from suitably qualified graduates for a self-funded PhD studentship for individual research supervised by a team to investigate the effect on society of gendered robots.

Effectiveness of the Maximum Satisfiability formulation of the set covering problem and its variants

The Maximum Satisfiability (MaxSAT) problem is to determine the maximum number of clauses from a given Boolean formula in conjunctive normal form that can be made true by an assignment to the variables.

Object Detecting and Tracking in Medical X-ray Images

The proposer has developed a new concept of embedding machine learning methods into image filter algorithms, which could dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of real-time detection and tracking methods for surgical instruments.