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Improving the Online Teaching of STEM Educators in Higher Education through Knowledge Mining from Pedagogy Literature

The Centre for Data Science is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for a self-funded full-time PhD studentship.

Machine Learning to Improve Groebner Basis Construction

CSM is offering a new project applying Machine Learning Technology to improve a key algorithm of Computer Algebra Systems.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Global Education

The online PhD in Global Education is designed to develop you into an educational researcher with a global outlook, utilising research for changing yourself and changing society.

Investigation into Selective Catalyst Reduction spray formulation and use of various liquid reductants

Studies assume that all the reductant is evaporated at the entry of the SCR domain because of the long mixing length, but this may not be the case in the close-coupled system with a much shorter mixing length. Although the droplet deposition problem could be avoided by other means, such as calibration, this may not work at extreme operating conditions, e.g. low mass flow rate and low temperature. Since the active SCR system will be the major emissions control device in the next generation diesel engines, it is important to have a thorough understanding of such failure modes and find ways to minimize its impact on product development and warranty. This study will be focused on injection of different reductants’ droplets of various fractions into SCR to investigate their impact on system efficiency.

Design and analysis of an algorithm-free quantum computing model

In this project, a completely different model of computing will be investigated to replace the sequential paradigm of algorithms with inherent parallelism of physical processes that enforce a system to tend to its equilibrium state (for higher entropy).

Understanding the effects of model structure in modelling HIV interventions

This research will use some of the current HIV biomedical interventions to explore the effects of different modelling frameworks on the model’s mathematical properties and prediction capabilities.

Index Modulation using Reversed Source Coding Techniques

The Research Centre for Data Science (CDS) is offering a self-funded PhD opportunity titled 'Index Modulation using Reversed Source Coding Techniques'.

Novel wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol design using a machine learning approach

This project will investigate and seek to innovate a novel collaborative cognitive radio approach between a multi-learning intelligent agent system.

Chemical analysis and bioaccumulation of ‘forever chemicals’ in aquatic organisms

Perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that are manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the world (e.g. textiles, household products, food processing, construction, electronics).

Novel Hybrid Wind and Wave Energy System and Its Structural Dynamic Responses Subjected to Combined Wind and Wave Loads

This project aims to combine the benefits of both offshore wind and wave technologies and propose solutions for their further development through developing a novel multifunctional platform.

Exploring Mixed-State Wetting of Laser Surface Engineered Polymeric Materials

This project will make inroads to achieve a better understanding of the wetting nature of laser surface engineered materials exhibiting a mixed-state wetting regime and will add to the current work being conducted in the field of wetting regimes and wetting transitions.

Effectiveness of the Maximum Satisfiability formulation of the set covering problem and its variants

The Maximum Satisfiability (MaxSAT) problem is to determine the maximum number of clauses from a given Boolean formula in conjunctive normal form that can be made true by an assignment to the variables.

Object Detecting and Tracking in Medical X-ray Images

The proposer has developed a new concept of embedding machine learning methods into image filter algorithms, which could dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of real-time detection and tracking methods for surgical instruments.

Effect on society of gendered embodied and gendered virtual AIs and Robots with embedded emotion and conversational capacity

Coventry University is inviting applications from suitably qualified graduates for a self-funded PhD studentship for individual research supervised by a team to investigate the effect on society of gendered robots.

Optimisation of Cracks Detection and Evaluation for Flexible Structures Bonded with Optimally Placed Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators

Coventry University is inviting applications from suitably-qualified graduates for a self-funded PhD studentship in Structural Health monitoring.

Statistical Physics of Geometrically Frustrated Lattice Walks

The thesis consists of studying lattice models for polymers in solution. These models consist of self-avoiding random walks with constraints and interactions which mimic the behaviour of the monomer and solvent interactions.

Fast simulation for translocating polymers through nanoscopic pores

The Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSM) provides a hub to develop cutting edge research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Future Computing Technologies and Statistical and Computer Modelling.