British Council UK-SA Project

This project is a collaboration between Walter Sisulu University, Coventry University and Stellenbosch University. The project is focused on enhancing staff doctoral capacity training and expertise for underrepresented groups in South Africa.

Transforming Curricula Through Internationalisation and Virtual Exchange (iKUDU)

iKUDU aims to contribute to developing a contextualised South African concept of internationalisation of the curriculum, which will be embedded in the broad context of curriculum transformation.

Transferring the experience of Higher Education AcadeMy fellowships from UK to TNE partners: Pathway for EmpoweriNg female academics in the Higher Education Sector in Egypt (TAMKEEN, تمكين)

The issues of empowerment, equality and social justice are among the core issues that the Egypt's Vision of 2030 focuses on. In the next three-five years, the project will contribute to the economic development and social welfare of Egypt.

European Literatures and Gender from Transnational Perspective (EUTERPE)

The aim of European Literatures and Gender from Transnational Perspective (EUTERPE) is to develop a new approach to rethinking European cultural production in the light of current complex social and political negotiations that are shaping European spaces and identities.

The Partnership on University Plagiarism Prevention (PUPP)

The Partnership on University Plagiarism Prevention (PUPP) team, composed of 59 researchers and collaborators from various disciplines, and from 34 partners, focuses on an international strategy for the prevention of plagiarism in universities.

Story Choices

All Early Years settings know about the value of storybooks to their day-to-day practice, and most already use some of the principles of interactive book reading. This project will investigate how much planning these storybook activities makes a difference to outcomes.