Ultrasonically Enabled Low Temperature Immersion and Electroless Metallisation (ULTIEMet)

Reducing the temperatures and process times of electroless and immersion plating processes using ultrasound.

H1PERBAT - High Performance Battery Pilot Facility

The H1PERBAT project takes an integrated approach to remove fundamental constraints on capacity, energy density and thermal management of EV batteries, and will realise a step change in system performance.

Development and application of neutron transmission imaging for strain mapping in aerospace applications

This project, funded as an ISIS Facility Development Studentship, worked on the commissioning of the new IMAT beamline at the UK’s ISIS Neutron Facility.


BeLEADFREE aims to deliver novel lead‐free bearing materials by adopting innovative design & manufacturing and applying a multidisciplinary approach involving experts with extensive industrial, research and innovation skills.


This project seeks to develop and test new processes that enable rapid, high-quality, low-cost manufacturing of prototype samples of e-motor lamination stacks.