Strain maps determined using neutron transmission at IMAT, around cold-expanded holes in an aerospace aluminium alloy

Development and application of neutron transmission imaging for strain mapping in aerospace applications


Science and Technology Facilities Council

Project team

Professor Michael Fitzpatrick


ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility

Duration of project

2016 - 2019

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Project overview

This project, funded as an ISIS Facility Development Studentship, worked on the commissioning of the new IMAT beamline at the UK’s ISIS Neutron Facility.

Project objectives

The IMAT beamline was designed to combine neutron imaging, diffraction, and texture measurements in a single instrument, and the project delivered characterisation of the beamline performance, the development of novel analysis methods for neutron Bragg edge strain analysis, and exemplar applications of the new instrument to aerospace materials and structures.

  • The project delivered characterisation of the performance of the IMAT beamline for engineering application, and the neutron transimission method was applied for the study of manufacturing and repair technologies for aerospace aluminium alloys.

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