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Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and automated vehicles have the potential to transform the way that people and goods are moved by replacing some, or all, of the driving tasks.

Coventry University’s research in Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) is undertaken by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Automotive Research (CCAAR) where experts are focused on developing intelligent, connected vehicle technology. CCAAR is a leading authority in the area of secure, connected and automated mobility.

CCAAR’s electric Nissan e-NV200s feature a whole host of technologies, including sensing and monitoring, LIDAR (light detection and ranging), Infra-red, machine vision and RADAR (radio detection and ranging).

The vehicle has the ability to test cycyber-physical systems resilience and driver-vehicle interaction, while assisting other research areas to support our mission of providing sustainable transport solutions fit for the cities of the future.

The vehicle’s sensor suite can map in real-time, the proximity of surrounding vehicles, infrastructure and other third parties such as pedestrians through sophisticated data logging systems.

The real-world data and surveying obtained are particularly valuable in areas such as smart city urban sensing where the health state of connected infrastructure can be measured.

Coventry University's expertise in connected and autonomous vehicles

At CCAAR, expertise is drawn from our academics, research and development staff and doctoral research students, who work closely with HORIBA MIRA’s engineering and test teams.

CCAAR offers unparalleled access to expertise and testing facilities in a rapidly expanding research area.

The teams are highly experienced in collaborative R&D at an applied level, working with many industry partners to achieve the right kind of impact.

CCAAR and HORIBA MIRA: a collaboration that bridges the gap between academia and industry

Located at the MIRA Technology Park, CCAAR is a collaboration between HORIBA MIRA and Coventry University.

As the only University in the UK with access to its own proving ground (the Assured CAV Highway), the teams focus on driving safety, efficiency and accessibility through simulation and physical correlation.

CCAAR plays a critical role in bridging the skills gap in an industry that is increasingly turning towards intelligent training and development solutions as the demand for Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) grows worldwide.

Find out more

To find out more about our research and development, or to work with us, please get in touch with Kevin Vincent, Director of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Automotive Research.

Alternatively, email the Clean Growth and Future Mobility team at Coventry University.

Find out about our partnership with HORIBA MIRA. Learn more about CCAAR's most significant projects.

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