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Coventry University innovations enhance our daily lives, from the pavements we walk on, cars we drive, clothes we wear, health care products we use, to appliances in the home.

At Coventry University we frequently commercialise our IP through partnership with other organisations and this webpage shows a summary of the University’s IP that is currently available for commercialisation. We welcome enquiries from organisations that have an interest in any of this IP and in many cases we are able to supply independent market research to support IP development.

If any of this IP is of interest to you or your company please contact the IPR Team on +44 (0)7974 984387 (or email ipr@coventry.ac.uk) for informal discussions on the many flexible ways in which you can develop or use the IP.


IP available for commercialisation


Sector: Transport

Name of Invention: Motorcycle Crash Protector

IP Protection: Potential patent and registered design

Description and Applications: An innovative motorcycle crash protector that cuts the engine on impact.  This prevents any damage to the engine and renders the motorcycle safe to rider and bystanders.  The crash protector can be easily retro-fitted to any motorcycle.


Sector: Furniture

Name of Invention: Bracket for customisable furniture

IP Protection: Registered design

Description and Applications:

A novel bracket for a fully customisable range of furniture.  The bracket enable users to easily customise their furniture, for example by changing the back rest and/or the seat of a chair.


Sector: Automotive

Name of Invention: Reverse Diamond Seating Arrangement

IP Protection: Registered design

Description and Applications: An innovative new seating arrangement for passenger cars with rearward and forward facing passengers in a diamond arrangement. This overcomes the access problems normally associated with all-forward-facing diamond seating configurations. The reverse diamond seating configuration allows conventional vehicle architecture and all rear passengers can alight from the conventional rear doors. When used for adults and particularly children, the rear facing seat squabs and head restraints retard the forward movement of occupants under rapid deceleration or collision. This reduces the concentrated loading and whiplash effect imparted by seatbelts on forward facing seats.


Sector: Pharmaceutical

Name of Invention: Cardioprotective Agents

IP Protection: Patent

Description and Applications: We have identified a number of Cardioprotective Agents capable of preventing cardiotoxicity. These are useful when administered as an adjunctive therapy with a drug that is known to induce cardiotoxicity. There are numbers of drugs that induce cardiotoxicity, including anti-cancer drugs, and the Cardioprotective Agents will allow an increased therapeutic benefit to be obtained from the use of such drugs.


Apps, Software and Books

Cooking For Sport

This app introduces recreationally active individuals and competitive athletes (amateur, elite, and professional), of all age groups, to foods and drinks that can help them meet the nutritional demands of their exercise, training and/or competitive programmes. All recipes have been developed and reviewed by qualified sport and exercise dietetic and nutritional professionals, are based on the scientific literature, and follow international evidence-based sport and exercise nutritional guidelines and recommendation.

The app can be purchased from iTunes.

The book of the same name which provides a scientific-based recipe resource for the recreational, amateur and elite athlete can be purchased from Amazon.

Volume 1
Volume 2



‘Anaphylaxis’ is an app designed for people with severe allergies (e.g. food, drugs, and insects’ stings) that may potentially trigger anaphylaxis, as well as people whose family members, friends or co-workers are at risk of anaphylaxis. The application features a personalised anaphylaxis management plan including user specific list of allergens, list of medications used (including ‘pen’), emergency procedures in case of anaphylactic reaction (including detailed instructions with video and voiceover on how to inject epinephrine using ‘pen’ carried by the patient) and emergency contacts. It also allows users to set up reminders (e.g. to check ‘pen’s’ expiration date or taketheir ‘pen’ with them every morning) and locate nearest hospital, A&E and pharmacy. The app can be downloaded from iTunes for free.


Spatial-Relational Mapping Software

The ability to examine networks of people and activities, especially within innovation complexes, clusters and other economic formats has become of primary importance in a number of urban and economic disciplines. Researchers often refer to networks or relationships but have no tools at their disposal to examine this in empirical terms. Work at Coventry University has produced software 'Spatial-Relational Mapping', which enables points of contacts and relational ties between these to be displayed in a geospatial context, producing high quality visual maps. This software is available to purchase.


PASS (Portable Ambient Sound System)

Developed by Coventry University and the Serious Games Institute PASS is an innovative iPhone app which provides real time distortion of sound in the environment surrounding the user.  This is achieved through standard iPhone earphones with a built in microphone and a virtual control panel.  A number of preset effects allow the user to change the type of distortion applied to the sound as well as custom settings which can be adjusted by the user.

The app can be purchased from iTunes.



Innovation School

The trademark Innovation School is available for licensing. The trademark is registered in classes 16, 35 and 41 (teaching material, business management and education respectively). The trademark can be viewed here.

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