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This project is jointly led by MyAmego® and Coventry University's Health Design and Technology Institute and is funded by a Small Research Business Initiative grant from the UK Technology Strategy Board.

The proposed project builds on the currently available MyAmego® system for care homes and assisted living care settings. MyAmego® is a person-centred system enabling users to maintain their quality of life and a degree of ‘independence’ without the need for constant intrusive monitoring by carers. It gives both service user and carer the confidence that risks to the individual are being monitored and alerted.

It is envisaged a domestic MyAmego® system will support the management of key risks and mitigation of those risks and associated challenging behaviours, resulting in positive outcomes for the person with Dementia and their carer. The use of the MyAmego® technology may enable informal carers to leave the person with Dementia at home to pursue other activities; thus increasing the quality of life for both parties.

The overall aim of the project is to evaluate the existing MyAmego® technology for use within in a domestic home setting and gather data to support further development and commercialisation of the system from people with dementia, their carers and health and social care professionals who may issue such a system. Ethical approval for the study will be sought through Coventry University.

Part 1 - Initially 2 focus groups will provide qualitative data from people with Dementia, their carers and health & social care professionals on the requirements of a home use MyAmego® system and adaptations required.

Part 2 - The existing technology will be installed in the homes of users and their carers as test environments for interaction with the end users themselves and their carers to assess its suitability for a period of two months. Participants will be recruited through local Dementia charity support groups. The study (led by Dr Gillian Ward of Coventry University) will determine the product’s suitability for the home in terms of the technology itself, quality of life support it provides, healthcare benefits, along with any further developments needed to enhance the product’s suitability for use within a home environment.

At the mid-point and final point of the technology trial the participants (users and their carers) will be interviewed and their opinions will be collated to form the basis of a final report.

Technical data regarding alerts raised on the system will be analysed and any issues regarding technical operation of the system throughout the trial will be supported by MyAmego®.

This study will provide confirmation that the technology can be ‘commercialised’ for use within a domestic home setting. This further product redesign and/ or development, would take place in a subsequent Phase 2 study.

For more information on the My Amego Project, please contact Dr. Gillian Ward.

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