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Work Packages

Work Package 1: Understanding users, and the barriers and enablers to ALT adoption

A range of methods were used to develop a deep understanding of the needs of users and purchase gatekeepers with regard to independent living solutions, and the barriers and enablers to the ALT adoption for this group. These include a literature review, market analysis, product review, consumer street interviews, consumer focus groups, and an industry workshop.

The research undertaken in this WP informed the decision to focus on eALTs for the remainder of the project.

Completion date November 2011

Word cloud representing the qualities in eALT sales staff consumers would like:
Word cloud representing the qualities in eALT sales in different sizes

Work Package 2: Development of Consumer Led Business Models for eALT

The findings from a series of co-creation activities with consumers and industry representatives, and interviews with Directors and Senior Managers of organisations in the ALT sector, were used to create solutions to overcome the barriers identified in WP1 and create consumer led business models for the eALT market. These were validated and refined during four co-creation workshops with consumers and industry representatives.

Completion date August 2013

This was produced by co-creation workshop participants who were asked to design an attractive advert to sell eALT products and services to people aged 50-70 years:
Poster with coloured sticky notes and images

Work Package 3: Development of an industry Decision Support System

A Decision Support System for businesses currently in, or considering entering, the eALT market is being developed drawing on the findings from Work Packages 1 and 2. The Decision Support System will be tested during interviews with a number of organisations, and will serve to:

Increase the accessibility and availability of eALTs to consumers by guiding businesses to develop, market and sell eALTs in the way that consumers want
Enable businesses to discover new markets, create new products, adapt and market existing products more successfully, remove barriers to purchase, lower costs of entry into new markets, and limit risks.

Completion date November 2013

Work Package 4: Development of a guide for eALT organisations on how to reach consumers

The results from a number of elements of the COMODAL project are being used to develop a guide for eALT businesses on how best to reach consumers, and develop their business within the eALT market. These include: a street survey of 500 people aged 50-70; a product review; a market analysis; a literature review; consumer and industry focus groups; interviews; and a telephone survey.

Completion date August 2013

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