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Project Team

The Health Design & Technology Institute, part of Coventry University, is the lead partner in the COMODAL project. Within the University the project team is drawn from three departments: HDTI (lead department), the College of Business and Law, and the College of the Arts and Society.

Key team members include:
•    Simon Fielden (Principal Investigator):
•    Gill Ward (Strategic Research Lead, WP1 Consumer Insight Lead):
•    Helen Muir (Senior Project Manager):
•    Gerry Urwin (WP2 Business Modelling Lead):
•    Andree Woodcock (WP3 Decision Support System Lead):
•    With additional support provided by Nikki Holliday, Jane Osmond, Jill Evans, and Liz Aston

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Age UK is a partner on the COMODAL project. Age UK provide free information, advice and support to over five million people; commercial products and services to over one million customers; and research and campaign on the issues that matter to people in later life. Key team members include:
•    Sue Mann (WP5 Dissemination Lead):
•    Ian Rutter:
•    Elizabeth Munro
•    With additional support provided by Nancy Johnston, Kate Pearce, and Sujata Ray

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Grandparents Plus is a partner on the COMODAL project. Grandparents Plus is a national charity (England and Wales) which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children’s lives – especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances. Key team members include:
•    Sam Smethers:
•    Agnes Gautier (WP4 Consumer Guide Lead):

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Years Ahead is supporting the work on the COMODAL project. Years Ahead is a specialist organisation in the field of ageing and independent living, working  with and in support of organisations, both private and public, whose products and services aim to make the process of ageing easier for consumers and public sector service users. Key team members include:
•    Maggie Winchcombe
•    David Silver:

years ahead partnership

The South East Health Technology Alliance (SEHTA) is supporting the work on the COMODAL project.  SEHTA is a company limited by guarantee, owned by its core members, launched as an initiative by industry representatives supported by the regional development agency, SEEDA. SEHTA’s mission is to facilitate the profitable and sustainable growth of companies in South East England’s health technologies sector – pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics. Key team members include:
•    Richard Curry:
•    With additional support provided by Katie Letheridge, and Debbie Romney-Alexander


Industry Advisory Group
We are working with an Industry Advisory Group that at present includes 43 organisations involved in the assisted living sector that have participated in, and advised on, various aspects of the project. If you are interested in becoming a member of this group, please contact Helen Muir for more information.

For more information about the COMODAL project please contact Senior Project Manager Helen Muir

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