HealthPro careers in health

Are you male and looking for a rewarding and well-paid career that also helps to develop your personal and professional skills?

The HealthPro project is an Office for Students funded initiative, in partnership with Coventry University and NHS Trusts to encourage more males into healthcare professions, bridge the gender gap and remove stereotypes around roles in healthcare.


There are many varied roles within the healthcare sector and your transferrable skills may be highly valuable to one of the many health care providers within the UK and internationally.

For more information on the career paths within our NHS partners visit the Health Careers page. You can also take part in a 5 minute quiz to find your perfect career.

Payment for Nursing students

All students on nursing, midwifery and some allied health professions will receive a £5,000 per year non repayable payment from the UK government.

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See Andrew's story

Andrew Proctor

I used to be on the frontline of bomb disposal, now I’m on the frontline of healthcare.

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See Andy's story

Andy Grindrod

I had some fears about going in to healthcare, but on reflection they were not justified.

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See Dean’s story

Dean Newman

We all rely on each other in healthcare to look after and support that patient at their most vulnerable.

See Dean’s story
See Gary's story

Gary Wilkes

Working in healthcare I get to use my qualities as a person every day, building a therapeutic relationship.

See Gary's story

If you start this September on a number of healthcare degree courses including Nursing, Paramedic Science and Occupational Therapy you will receive at least £5000 per year as a non-repayable payment from the government during the duration of your course.

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If you do not currently have the required qualifications for the courses above you could study an access to health and human sciences course.