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Coventry University is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. As one of the City’s biggest employers, we offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. There are pension schemes, a generous holiday allowance and flexible working opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits including childcare vouchers, discounted membership to the £4 million sports and recreation centre and schemes such as Cycle to Work and the CU Car Share initiative.

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M&T PhD students

We have a number of students completing their PhD in the area of Mobility and Transport.

Daniel Fowler Cyber Safety Testing connected transportation systems in an International Market Dr Jeremy Bryans
Christophe Quillivic Hydrogen PEM fuel cells development into EV powertrain for performance and drivability improvement - developing and testing systems for automotive use, supported by labs at Coventry University Professor Mike Blundell
Jin Ren Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) and Energy Storage System (ESS) Passive Hybridisation Dr Olivier Haas
Michael Waters Applying sensor data from current and emerging vehicle systems to inform the operation of city management systems Dr Siraj Shaikh
Abhinivesh Beechook Flows in automotive catalyst systems: Turbulence modelling of steady and unsteady planar jets with downstream resistance Dr Humberto Medina
Stefan Muller Road-Rail Vehicles (RRVs): Predicting maximum tractive force by means of multibody systems and finding concepts of increasing them. Professor Mike Blundell
Gregory Smith The development of an efficient tyre testing procedure to gather data for the parameterisation of Magic Formula 6.1 tyre models Professor Mike Blundell
Konrad Stahl Virtual Prototypes to reduce testing/tuning effort in the development of advanced driver assistance systems Professor Mike Blundell
Xiang Cheng Human Model Scaling using Morphing and Kriging techniques based on THUMS model Dr Christophe Bastien
Ijhar Bin Rusli Experimental and Numerical investigation of swirling flows in annular pipes and diffusers Dr Svetlana Aleksandrova
Maciej Cieslak Perception of Vehicle Ride Quality Professor Mike Blundell
Hasna Fadhila Enabling the Reduction of Manufacturing Costs by Incorporating Surface Tolerance Information into the Modelling of Fluid Flow in Aerodynamic Applications Dr Humberto Medina
Richard Stocker An Investigation into the effects of Ageing on Automotive Traction Battery Performance and How to Practically Observe Battery State of Health. Professor Mike Blundell
Aleksandra Oswiecinska Adaptive control of nonlinear dynamic systems Dr Ivan Zajic
Ahmad Fawzal High Performance Electric Motors Professor Mike Blundell
Hun Cheah Secure VANET Architecture Dr Siraj Shaikh
Crystal Ioannou Critical evaluation of SMS legal instruments and the implementation of safety performance indicators in the aviation industry Professor Don Harris
Lainjie Wen A Human Computer-Model with Chinese Anthropometry Dr Christophe Bastien
Alexis Wilson Define and develop a structural optimisation methodology for hybrid structural optimisation Dr Jesper Christensen
Ita Bassey Artificial Intelligence and Parameter Estimation for the Reconfigurable Control of Non-Linear Dynamic Systems Dr Olivier Haas
Shuai Gong Lightweight Vehicle Body Structure Design Optimisation Dr Jesper Christensen
Reza Khan Future Recycleable - Lightweight Vehicle Body Structure Design Optimisation Dr Christophe Bastien
Michael Apicella A study into the vehicle architecture of EV cars to optimize overall efficiency Professor Mike Blundell
Roxani Athousaki Impact Analysis of Key Airline Performance indicators (KPIs) on EU-US Open Skies Agreement Professor Mike Blundell
Jennifer Fernando A critical analysis of the evolving dynamics of airport operator and stakeholder air service development relationships, and development of a framework model for future effective airport service development Professor Mike Blundell
Daniel Paul Humanitarian Engineering Dr Alex Stedmon
Jonathan Saul Flow studies throughout different conical diffusers upstream of a diesel catalyst monolith. Dr Humberto Medina
Toheed Aizad Modelling and Control for Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Dr Olivier Haas
Oluwaleke Agbaje Industrial application of system indentification and self-tuning systems Dr Olivier Haas
Gareth Baugh Depth modulation in radiotherapy Dr Olivier Haas
Mariusz Ruta The battery state of charge monitoring and control Dr Olivier Haas