Working with Business

Research & Development

MME’s research and development can support business in a number of ways:

Fundamental scientific and engineering research

Addressing the reasons behind material properties and performance and the methods to enhance these. Advancing measurement principles and techniques and their implementation in industry.

Product and Process Development

Designing new and improved products; manufacturing methods and production systems; automation; and productivity and planning improvement. 

Applied Research

Transfer of technology between industries, for example from aerospace to automotive, or of knowledge from academic to company.

Our research portfolio addresses problems in, and products from, automotive, aerospace, rail, logistics, manufacturing, electronics and energy. 

MME led research, development and innovation has been funded by UK Research Councils, Innovate UK, the European Commission and overseas national institutions. Our staff contains funder registered experts and reviewers and over 100 years of industrial working experience. We can draw in expertise and cooperation from our increasing number of University research partners which includes institutions across Europe, the US and the Far East.

Our industrial research funding is international, originating from companies in the UK, Europe, the US and China, with our partners including Small and Medium sized enterprises, National leaders and multinational corporations, National research centres and engineering consultancies.

We engage with companies throughout their value chain, supporting them to progress through TRL and MRL scales. We can support product and process design, materials selection, manufacturing development and product testing, measurement and validation, and the collection, management and interpretation of data from each of these stages and their linkages to supply chains.

We can assist in the development and execution of work programmes and research proposals for individual research contracts or for funding bodies, including supporting IPR identification and protection, development of exploitation and business plans through to ensuring compliance with Standards and provision of customer training. 

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Industrial Partnerships

Driving Business Value

The MME has a long and established relationship with industry and has always encouraged collaborations for mutual benefit. We have developed a strong reputation for our commercial work and commitment to deliver that has enabled us to build an excellent network of clients from SME’s to large global corporations.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to industry engagement, our partnerships range from smaller short-term projects such as Staff Development, Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer through to Strategic Joint Collaborations where we strive to help shape and future-proof your business.

We help companies to adopt new technologies and improve processes to expand their product range and comply with ever more demanding regulation. We can support your business in a number of ways:

  • Revenue Generation - Driving new innovation, developing new business for new and existing products and partnering on funding bids
  • Brand Enhancement – Increasing competitive advantage, customer engagement and improving your positioning in the market
  • Risk management - Addressing the skills gap, upskilling, improving staff retention and knowledge and developing effective innovation strategies
  • Cost reduction – Creating industry ready Graduates and offering CPD

We believe in investing time and effort to strengthen these relationships, turning them into long-term strategic alliances. We work on both short and long-term projects, offering a new innovative perspective for your products, processes and business growth.

Staff Development

The MME can provide a range of courses to suit your company’s needs:

Short courses

This is an excellent way to keep up to date with the latest technologies, research and business practices, delivered by our experts and specialist associates. Many of our courses are developed in conjunction with professional industry bodies, which could result in a professional qualification. Our specialist courses are designed to enhance skill levels of all employees with the latest information and techniques using 21st century delivery methodology.

Accredited programmes

Accredited programmes through Coventry University enhance training with rigorous international standards.  We provide globally recognised higher educational qualifications, from Certificate to MSc level, many of which carry transferable credits, should students wish to take up another qualification in the future.

Through the AME we are able to offer support in the following areas, based upon our 6 anchor technologies:

  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Joining and Welding
  • Metrology
  • Product Verification
  • Tube Forming and Bending 

Commercial consultancy

The MME through its trading subsidiary CU Services focuses on innovation, product design and high performance engineering in the following areas of expertise:

  • Welding and allied joining sciences
  • Duct flows, buoyancy, thermo-capillary convention, flows around obstacles
  • Materials mechanics and measurement
  • Materials engineering and structural integrity
  • Manufacturing management
  • Metrology – Flow and Dimensional
  • CAD and production planning systems
  • Functional materials metallisation and pre treatments

Consultancy projects provide dedicated business support to inform and improve your business. We offer you access to skills, expertise and an array of specialist equipment. Delivery is through our multi-disciplinary, industrially experienced staff members identified for their specialist expertise, providing high impact solutions for complex briefs in the shortest timeframe.

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