Our people

Research team

Name Job title
Dr Abdul Khadar Syed  Assistant Professor
Professor Alexander Chroneos Professor
Dr Ali Daraji  Lecturer
Alistair Robertshaw  Research Engineer
Dr Allison Duncan Research Fellow
Dr Ammar Al-Bhazi  Assistant Professor
Dr Andrew Tomlinson  Research Fellow
Professor Andrew Cobley Professor
Dr Arpit Goyal  Research Fellow
Dr Arun Ulahannan Research Fellow
Dr Barbara May Assistant Professor
Dr Bilal Ahmad Research Fellow
Professor Carl Perrin Professor - IFTC Director
Dr Cheng Zhang  Assistant Professor
Dr Chongming Wang Assistant Professor
Dr David Parfitt  Assistant Professor
Dr Demetrios Venetsanos  Assistant Professor
Professor Dobrila Petrovic Professor
Dr Ernesto Mastrocinque  Lecturer
Dr Evangelos Gkanas  Assistant Professor
Dr Farhan Ahmed  Assistant Professor
Dr Felipe Moreira  Research Assistant
Dr Golnaz Taghabi Pourian Azar  Research Fellow
Dr Hesamaldin Jadidbonab  Research Fellow
Dr Hoang Nga Nguyen  Assistant Professor
Dr Hua Guo  Research Assistant
Dr Huw Davies  Assistant Professor
Dr James Widmer  Professor
Dr Jane Osmond  Assistant Professor
Janet Saunders  Research Fellow
Dr Jeremy Bryans  Assistant Professor
Dr Jesper Christensen Assistant Professor
Dr Jianwei Li  Assistant Professor
Dr Jinlei Shang  Research Fellow
Jino Mathew  Assistant Professor
Joe Fleming   Assistant Professor
John Jostins  Professor
Dr John Karadelis Assistant Professor
Professor Jonathan Lawrence  Professor
Dr Karthikeyan Ekambaram Research Fellow
Dr Kashif Khan Assistant Professor
Katarzyna Gut  Research Assistant
Dr Ke Li  Assistant Professor
Kevin Vincent Directo of CCAAR
Kristen Kuhn  Research Assistant
Professor Kuo-Ming (Danny) Chao  Professor
Dr Latha Krishnan  Research Fellow
Dr Liang Wu  Research Fellow
Lorena Moreira  Research Fellow
Dr Mansour Qubeissi Assistant Professor
Manuel Silverio Fernandez  Research Fellow
Marcos Kauffman  Director of AME
Marveh Forghani  Research Fellow
Dr Mingwen Bai  Assistant Professor
Narinder Bains  Project :Manager
Dr Navaratnarajah Kuganathan  Research Fellow
Dr Naveed Iqbal  Assistant Professor
Dr Nazaraf Shah  Assistant Professor
Dr Niall Smyth  Research Fellow
Dr Nicolas Kelaidis  Research Fellow
Professor Nigel Jennett Professor
Nwabueze Emrkwuru   
Professor Paul Herriotts Professor of Transport Design
Professor Petar Igic Professor
Dr Pratik Shukla  Assistant Professor
Dr Qian Lu  Assistant Professor
Dr Qingsong (Charlie) Wang Assistant Professor
Dr Ranveer Matharu  Research Assistant
Professor Rohit Bhagat Professor
Dr Rong Lan  Research Fellow
Ruth Carvajal Ortiz  Research Fellow
Dr Saeid Hadidimoud  Senior Lecturer
Dr Safaa Sindi Assistant Professor
Dr Senthooran Balasubramaniam  Research Fellow
Dr Sheng Wang Research Fellow
Dr Siddharth Kulkarni Lecturer
Simon Shepherd Director of C-ALPS
Professor Siraj Shaikh Professor
Dr Sofya Danilova  Research Fellow
Dr Soroush Faramehr  Assistant Professor
Professor Stewart Birrell Professor of Transport Design
Dr Stuart Lemanski  Assistant Professor
Dr Subhasisa Nath  Research Fellow
Dr Tazdin Amietszajew  Assistant Professor
Professor Trevor Toman Professor
Dr Tugra Erol Research Fellow
Dr Vit Janik  Assistant Professor
Vlad Marsic  Research Fellow
Wayne Sadler  Metrologist
Professor Weidong Li Professor
Dr William Payre Assistant Professor
Dr Wissam Jamal  Assistant Professor
Professor Xiang Zhang Professor
Dr Xin Lu  Lecturer
Xuanheng (Ming) Zhu  Research Fellow
Dr Yasir Khan Lecturer
Professor Yue Guo Professor
Zahoor Ahmed  Research Fellow


Name Job title
Dr Abdullahi Ahmed Associate
Dr Adedeji Aremu Associate
Ahmed Khafaga  KTP Associate
Dr Alexander Roberts Associate Professor
Dr Arfan Ghani  Associate
Dr Bidur Khanal  Associate
Dr Christophe Bastien Associate Professor
Dr David Waugh  Associate Professor
Professor Donald Harris   Associate
Dr Faris Elasha  Associate
Faris Madi  KTP Associate
Dr Farooq Sher  Associate
Geoff Le Good Associate Professor
Dr Giedre Sabaliauskaite  Associate Professor
Dr Hamid Taghavifar Associate
Dr James Blundell Associate
Dr James Griffin  Associate Professor
Dr James Shippen Associate Professor
Dr John Graves  Associate Professor
Dr John Huddlestone Associate Professor
Dr Lin Wang  Associate
Dr Masoumeh Faraji  Associate
Dr Mathias Foo  Associate
Dr Mauro Innocente  Associate Professor
Dr Messaoud Saidani Associate
Professor Mike Blundell  Associate Dean
Mike Fitzpatrick Associate
Dr Mostafiz Rahman  Associate
Dr Oliver Curnick  Associate Professor
Dr Olivier Haas  Associate Professor
Dr Peter Benko  KTP Associate Researcher
Dr Peter Jostins  Associate Professor
Dr Rahat Iqbal Associate Professor
Dr Rashid Ali  Associate
Professor Richard Dashwood  Associate
Dr Rui Cai  Associate
Dr Shohel Amin  Associate
Stavros Christopoulis  Associate
Dr Thomas Statheros  Associate
Tunde Adediran  KTP Associate
Dr Vahid Mirza Beiki  Associate
Dr Xiang Fei  Associate

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