AHRC Cities of Culture Network: The Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit

Thursday 24 June 2021 to Friday 25 June 2021

08:40 AM - 04:45 PM



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The programme will include a series of headline one-hour sessions with an invited list of exceptional presenters. Each presenter will use their knowledge and experience to bring a range of perspectives on cultural mega-events and respond to questions from the audience. Each session will be chaired by a representative from the Coventry City of Culture Leadership Programme and will be recorded and available as a free resource. 

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DAY ONE: Policy perspectives – Thursday 24th June 2021

8.40: Summit opens
8.45 – 9.00: Introduction to programme

  • Cory Barrett Creative Director & Coventry City of Culture Leadership Programme

9.00 – 10.00: Introductions: The road ahead

  • Laura Nyahue Creative Director, Maokwo Arts
  • Franco Bianchini AHRC Centre for Cultural Value, University of Leeds
  • Martin Sutherland Executive Director, Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • Martin Reeves: Chief Executive, Coventry City Council

10.00– 11.00: What are the opportunities for culture-led growth?

  • Julia Goldsworthy Director of Strategy, West Midlands Combined Authority
  • Laura Dyer Deputy Chief Executive Places and Engagement, Arts Council England.
  • Moira Sinclair CEO, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

11.30-12.30: What difference can a year make?

  • Phil Batty Head of Ceremonies, Culture and Queen’s Baton Relay Commonwealth Games 2022, Executive Director Festival*UK 2022 and formerly Director of Public Engagement Hull UKCC17
  • Carrie Cooke Deputy Director, Festival, City of Culture and Major Events, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Clare Coghill Leader Waltham Forest Borough Council:

1:00 – 2.15 How can cultural mega-events actively challenge racial inequalities?

  • Elizabeth Lawal Producer, Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • Doreen Foster CEO, Warwick Arts Centre
  • Shanaz Gulzar Chair, Bradford UK City of Culture 2025 Board

2.15 - 3.15: Levelling up; how can ‘seldom heard’ communities and individuals impact on policy?

  • Chenine Bhathena Creative Director, Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • Louise Yates Director at Back to Ours, Hull
  • Chris Rolls Hull City of Culture 2017 & Coventry City of Culture 2021 learning consultant, 64 Million Artists

3.30-4.15: Research as cultural practice; supporting communities.

  • Jackie Hodgson: Warwick research lead, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Warwick
  • Emma Meehan: Cooking Connections Coventry (Coventry University)
  • Nadine Holdsworth: Homeless Monopoly (University of Warwick)
  • Daniele Lorenzini, Carolina Rito & Federico Testa: Life Futures (Coventry University & University of Warwick)

4.15-5.00: Research as cultural practice; giving space and voice to the seldom heard

DAY 2: Evaluation in practice - Friday 25th June 2021

8.40– Summit opens
8.45 – 9.00 – Introduction to programme

9.00- 9.15: Day One recap and reflections

  • John Knell: Summit Rapporteur

9.15 - 10.15: The social value turn in cultural policy-making and funding requirements

  • Jonothan Neelands: Academic Lead for Research and Evaluation for the Coventry City of Culture Trust, (University of Warwick)
  • Tarek Iskander: AD and CEO, Battersea Arts Centre
  • Harman Sagger: Chief Economist, Department of Culture, Media and Sport, Chair Coventry City of Culture Technical Reference Group

10.30-11.30: Re-balancing the social and economic value of culture

  • Graham Russell: Amion Consultants, Economic Impact Assessment for Coventry City of Culture
  • Mandy Barnett: Director of MBA Associates, Social Value Assessment of Coventry City of Culture
  • Ingrid Abreu-Scherer: Civil Society Lead, What Works Centre For Wellbeing, Technical Reference Group, Coventry City of Culture

11.30-12.15: Research as cultural practice; supporting public health policy

  • Karamjit Singh: Chair of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and Culture Growth Coventry
  • Deborah Biggerstaff: Digital Participative Visual Arts Intervention for People with Dementia (University of Warwick)
  • Oliver Scott: Route 10, Mercurial Dance

1.00-2.00: Developing place-based needs assessments to shape social and cultural policy and funding:

  • Si Chun Lam: Senior data analyst, Insight Team Coventry City Council
  • Mark Scott: Monitoring and Data Manager, Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • Katy Raines: Director, Indigo Consultants

2.00-2.45 Making sense of evaluation – towards a common policy

  • Ben Walmsley: Director, AHRC Centre for Cultural Value, University of Leeds
  • Eliza Easton: Head of Policy, Unit AHRC Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, Nesta, Coventry City of Culture Technical Reference Group

3.00-4.30: Take outs and take aways – plenary discussion
Chaired by: Beatriz Garcia: Associate Director, Centre for Cultural Value (University of Liverpool)

  • Chenine Bhathena Creative Director, Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • John Knell: Summit Rapporteur
  • Louise Ejgod Hansen Head of Research at Centre for Cultural Evaluation (University of Aarhus)
  • Cory Barret: Creative Director, & City of Culture Leadership Programme
  • Jacqui Gavin: Senior Cultural Producer, Caring City Team, Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • Glenn Burgess: Principal Investigator, AHRC Cities of Culture Network, University of Hull

4.30-4.45 Closing messages