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Five ways to get to Coventry

Coventry is as close to the heart of England as you can get. This means, we're pretty easy to get to. All roads lead to Coventry you could say.


Places to see and visit in Coventry

New or unfamiliar with Coventry? This blog will help you find how to get around.


1,000 years of Coventry History

2016 marked ‘1000 years of Coventry Heritage’. We translate this as meaning it was is Coventry’s 1000th birthday, and it's never looked better!


Five day trips from Coventry

One of the best things about being in the middle of the country is that everywhere else is pretty accessible to you! Coventry has brilliant connections to the rest of...


Finding part-time work during your studies

Trying to find a part time job whilst being a student can be stressful. You wouldn’t believe how many flexible part time work opportunities there are!


Six free places to visit in Coventry

Andreea is studying advertising and marketing at Coventry university. I’ve rounded up the best places you can go for a day out – and the best thing is, they won’t cost a...


Get to know the multicultural Coventry

As Coventry prepares to become the UK City of Culture 2021, it worth learning more about the city and its culture.


City secrets

Think you know Coventry? That’s what they all say! But we’ve got the low-down on some Coventry city secrets people still don’t know about, which reveal just how much is...


Five best vegetarian restaurants in Coventry

Are you new to Coventry? Do you like veggie food but not sure what places to try? Don’t fret! We’ve listed 5 of the best vegetarian restaurants in Coventry.


Degree Show 2020

Every year the Faculty of Arts and Humanities hosts a degree show to showcase graduating students’ work. Industry professionals, staff, students and the public have the...


A students guide to being an artist in Coventry

Ryan Hart, former Foundation student now in his second year studying BA Fine Art, discusses his top tips for being an artist in Coventry.


Five reasons to love Coventry

Alumni Josh gives his reasons for loving the city he studied in.


A little history of Coventry

Coventry is a city of culture, peace, reconciliation, innovation and invention. Coventry has a story to tell and experiences to share.