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Coming to Coventry

It's called the Midlands for a reason. It's in the middle of the country and Coventry is as close to the heart of England as you can get. So, whether you’re looking to visit us for an Open Day, or you’re commuting to campus there’s lots of great options for you to use.

From trains and buses to cycling and driving, discover the most convenient and sustainable ways to reach our great city.

Travelling by car

Travelling by car to university can offer convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

Convenience: Travelling by car can often be faster, especially if you live farther from campus or have multiple stops to make on your journey.

Time-saving: With a car, you have the flexibility to travel according to your own schedule, without having to rely on public transport timetables.

Comfort: You have control over the temperature and music in your car, making your commute more enjoyable.

Storage: A car provides ample storage space for your study and sports equipment, and other belongings you may need throughout the day.

Accessibility: Having a car allows you to easily access off-campus amenities, run errands, or explore nearby areas during breaks between classes.

Sustainability: Additionally, lift-sharing with other students can reduce carbon emissions and will contribute to a more environmentally friendly commute.

Ready to plan your journey? Visit our map to calculate travel times and explore travel options to all of our campuses. 

Parking facilities

Coventry University’s on-campus parking facilities offer convenient access to campus buildings, ensuring a hassle-free commute.

We offer designated parking areas for all students across our campuses. These parking facilities are strategically located to provide easy access to academic buildings, lecture halls, and other campus amenities.

We prioritise accessibility and provide designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities. These accessible parking spaces are located close to campus buildings and are equipped with features to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

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Do you prefer travelling by train?

Travelling by train to university may provide a convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way to commute while enjoying comfort and productivity during your journey.

Coventry is on the main inter-city rail route. Trains from London (Euston) leave every 30 minutes most days. Avanti West Coast operate a high speed service between Coventry and London (Euston) with journey times of around 1 hour. The West Midlands/London Northwestern service between Coventry and London (Euston) takes around 1 hour 45 minutes. This route is substantially cheaper due to the journey times being longer.

There are also daily services from Scotland and the Northwest, the Southwest and South Wales. Trains from Bristol run up to every 30 minutes. In addition, there are frequent services from calling at Coventry train station from Oxford, Southampton and Bournemouth, Nuneaton, Rugby, Birmingham New Street and Birmingham International (for Birmingham International Airport and the National Exhibition Centre).

Check the National Rail Enquiries website for more information.

Once you get to the train station

You can choose to take a taxi, or a bus from the train station, or it is just a short walk from the station. Check out the bus timetables to find out which buses travel to Pool Meadow bus station. Pool Meadow is located less than 5 minutes from the city centre campus. If you choose to walk from the station, it should take you approximately 15 minutes. There are sign posts between to the station and the city centre. Just follow the signs for Coventry Cathedral. Check out our POV video to see just how easy it is.

By bus or coach

Coventry benefits from an extensive bus network operated by several providers, including National Express Coventry and Stagecoach Midlands. These services connect the university to surrounding areas and provide students with a convenient and affordable way of getting around.

If you travel from Birmingham or Birmingham Airport you can take the number X1 Platinum bus to Pool Meadow station.

The benefits of travelling by bus:

Affordability: Bus fares are often cheaper than other modes of transport, making it a cost-effective option for you, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Convenience: Buses operate on regular schedules, providing reliable transport to and from campus and surrounding areas, ensuring you can reach your destination easily.

Accessibility: Bus stops are typically located within walking distance of residential areas, making them easily accessible if you’re living off-campus.

Reduced environmental impact: Bus travel is more environmentally friendly than individual car travel, as it reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions, contributing to a greener campus and city.

Productivity: You can use bus travel time to study, catch up on reading, or relax, maximising your productivity during your commute.

As a university student you may be entitled to discounts on your travel. Check out the range of discounts available to you

By bicycle or by foot

Cycling or walking to campus offers students a sustainable commuting option. Coventry city centre and surrounding areas offer dedicated cycle lanes and pedestrian paths, making it safe and accessible for cyclists and pedestrians. For more details see the council’s Coventry cycle map.

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