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Hidden gems in Coventry to help you shop smarter

Managing university life and the expenses can be challenging. While studying for my Automotive and Transport Design BA (Hons) course I have learnt how to shop smartly, save money and time. Here are the hidden gems I have found while shopping in Coventry.

Here we go, happy shopping!

One Below

My all-time favourite. Ever since my first year, I've been going to this store, where I find the best of the best deals. I mostly shop there for sweets because the prices are good. They have affordable options for drinks, and the household section is phenomenal, with student-friendly prices.

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B&M is great for so-called food cupboard products, like canned foods, sauces and spices. The selection is huge. Also, the cleaning products section is well-stocked. They sell inexpensive small furniture too, in case you need something like a small table or stool.

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Another hidden gem. Although I don't find the household section well-stocked, the variety of food and drinks is very good. It's important to note that Poundland is the only one among all listed that offers chilled and frozen foods, such as cheese, ham, milk, fruits and vegetables, frozen pizzas, burgers, etc. The price difference compared to supermarket chains is significant. Besides food and drinks, Poundland also has a clothing section called Pep&Co, where they have a fantastic range.

Charity shops

Well, well, well. Before coming to England, I had no idea what a charity shop meant at all. We don't have such shops in the country where I come from. I don't remember when I first entered such a shop, but I know I liked it and I visit regularly.

Generally speaking, a charity shop is a shop where second-hand goods are sold to raise money for charity. People donate their stuff, and it's sold in the shop. You can find clothes as well, but for me, the more exciting section is the household items. There are great finds, such as beautiful storage boxes, porcelain plates, glasses, vases. Many of the household items are brand new; they're simply donated by people who don't need them.

Good luck and shop wisely!

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