Places to see and visit in Coventry

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Tuesday 02 February 2021

New or unfamiliar with Coventry? This blog will help you find how to get around.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, items, places or activities referred to in this article may be currently closed, temporarily unavailable or not operating as usual. Please check with the provider directly before booking or confirming anything.

Are you coming to Coventry for the first time? Or maybe you’ll be arriving from another country? Whatever the case, in this blog you’ll find how to get from one place to another.

You may enjoy historic attractions, nights out, fine dining or, you probably want to know how far campus is from other places students tend to hang out at – well we’ve got you covered!

Getting to your accommodation from the train station

Upshot of building with glass windows

First things first – you probably want to know how to get from the train station to your accommodation. All of our university-owned buildings are close to one another so it shouldn’t be more than a 10-minute taxi journey.

We highlight how far it is to travel from our accommodation properties to Coventry Station on each of our hall pages

You can also view a map showcasing all of our accommodation sites and their locations around the city on the interactive map on our main Accommodation homepage.

For those of you coming from another country, we can actually meet you at the airport and escort you to your accommodation. You can learn more about this on our Airport Transfers page.

From the campus to the city centre

Close up of Coventry on a map

You’ll be glad to know; all of our campus buildings are located next to one other so it’s never more than a 10-minute walk from one building to the furthest. The city-centre is a 5-minute walk from the Richard Crossman building.

Wondering where Richard Crossman is? Download and print off a copy of our campus map.

You can also take a virtual tour with us to familiarise yourself with the library, accommodation, fitness suite and more.

Whatever type of cuisine takes your fancy, you’re sure to find something in the city-centre since there’s so much to choose from – Chinese, Indian, Korean, Mediterranean, English and lots more! You can even enjoy a cocktail or two at many of these places.

See yourself as a bit of a party goer?! There are a few clubs in the city centre to if you feel like dancing the night away. Catch Twenty Two and JJ’s are popular. Kasbah is a 15-minute walk or 5-minute drive from the city centre.

Historic buildings and landmarks

Outside view of the Cathedral looking upwards

Coventry is a city with more than 1,000 years of history and is a place with significant cultural heritage.

The most famous landmark in the city is the Cathedral which was famously bombed during the Second World War. However, there is much more to Coventry's history to explore such as the tale of Lady Godiva, medieval Spon Street and the car building and design heritage of the 20th century.

Most of the landmarks in Coventry are between a 5 and 15-minute walk from campus.

Here are some of the buildings you can easily walk to:

  • Coventry Cathedral (opposite our Alan Berry building and also where graduation ceremonies take place)
  • St Mary’s Guildhall
  • Charterhouse Priory
  • James Starley Statue
  • Lychgate Cottages
  • Swanswell Gate
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • And lots more!

Other fun places within walking distance of our campus

Group of students ice skating

Whether you have a sweet tooth and fancy chocolate or macarons, you’re into creative arts and want some artistic ornaments for your room, or you and your new friends want to purchase personalised clothing – Fargo Village is the place to be and less than a 10-minute walk from Lanchester Library!

Enjoy a swim or a workout? Then maybe The Wave is your kind of place. There's a number of fun water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool for the swimmers. The location also has a spa and a fitness centre.

Do you see yourself as a bit of an ice-skating professional? Or maybe you’d like a new challenge. Then visit Planet Ice – located opposite the former Ikea building. Next to Planet Ice you can enjoy movies at Odeon in SkyDome.

If you enjoy a good puzzle, then why not try and find your way out of a room full of them – at Escape Reality Coventry.

Enjoy a bit of retail therapy, then we have a vibrant city centre shopping scene, the highlight of which can be found at the West Orchard Centre which boasts a food hall, a department store as well as other outlets.

All of these, and much more can be found within a short walk of our main campus.

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