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Graduation registration


Students who may be eligible to graduate in Summer 2024 will be released to register from 7 May 2024. When registration is open, you will receive an email inviting you to register for the graduation event via your university email account. By registering for the Summer graduation event you’ll be signing up to the following:

Graduation Ceremony: Your graduation is the culmination of your studies and is an important event for you, your family, and friends. During the ceremony you’ll receive your graduation certificate and hear from esteemed faculty and academic colleagues.

Graduation Celebration: To celebrate your accomplishments, we are delighted to invite you and your guests to a Graduation Celebration event at The Hub. This is an opportunity for you to gather with your fellow graduates, family, friends and academic staff to reflect on your time at Coventry University and celebrate your bright future ahead.


Registration for the July graduation events closes on Monday 17 June 2024. Tickets will be issued on the day itself. For more information on this visit the Tickets page. Please do not email the graduation team asking us to register you manually as we are not able to do this. If you experience issues when trying to register, please ensure you are using a laptop or computer, which is Android based, and that you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox. Please do not use your mobile phone to register.

Please be aware of the following when registering for graduation:

  • Your results must have been released to you, via SOLAR, by no later than Monday 17 June 2024. Results released via AULA are not official results. If you have not had your result officially released, even if you receive the registration email and register, by Monday 17 June 2024, you are not eligible to attend graduation. You will be eligible to attend events later in the year.
  • Students studying at our Collaborative Partners, both overseas and in the UK, will be contacted by our Academic Partnership Unit registration. Please do not contact the Academic Registry team.
  • You will not be eligible to attend the graduation ceremony if your Progression and Award Board determines that you have not met the requirements of your award, you intend to enrol on a further stage of your course (e.g. a top-up to honours), you have an appeal in progress or you have an outstanding debt to the University (blocked or excluded).
  • If you have any outstanding debt that has not cleared by Monday 17 June 2024, or you are blocked at any point after the registration deadline, but prior to the graduation ceremony, you will not be eligible to attend and should ignore your registration email. Please note that payments can take up to five working days to go through the system so if you make payment on the final day of registration it may still be too late. In the case the debt is cleared after Monday 17 June 2024 you will be able to register for the Autumn 2024 graduation event.
  • You cannot choose which ceremony to attend. You will be automatically allocated to the ceremony closest to the date you have been officially awarded by your Progression and Award Board. You may only request to defer your ceremony if you have extenuating circumstances such as serious medical condition, for yourself or your allocated guest or military deployment etc. You will need to email to make a request if you have grounds and provide third party evidence to support that request. If any of your allocated guests require a carer you will also need to contact to make this request and provide third party medical evidence to support this. Any requests to defer, or for carers tickets, need to be made by no later than Monday 17 June 2024.
  • It is important that your correspondence address is up to date on SOLAR by no later than Monday 17 June 2024. Following the ceremonies, certificates will be posted by standard post within the UK and Europe, and by DHL to the rest of the world. You should allow up to three weeks for delivery to a UK address, or up to six weeks for delivery to an address outside of the UK before contacting us via email at to report that your certificate has not been received. For those students who have been awarded by the deadline and are eligible to attend, you will collect your certificate on the day of your graduation when you collect your tickets. Any certificates not collected on the day will be posted out, following the graduation events.
  • While you await your certificate, if you require evidence of your award for employment purposes or further study, you have access to your HEAR, which is your formal transcript. Further information about the HEAR can be found here. We do not provide electronic certificates. Please note that the University is not responsible for any certificates not received due to an incorrect address. If you have not updated your address by Monday 17 June 2024, and your certificate is posted to an incorrect address, you can request a replacement certificate via the online shop.
  • Once you have registered you need to pre-order your gown via the Ede & Ravenscroft website. For more information visit the Gown Hire page.


Tickets are collected on the day of your graduation and are not posted in advance of the event. You will be able to collect your tickets from The Refectory, Priory Hall (Priory Street, CV1 5FB) two hours before the start of your ceremony. Please note that the ticket collection desk will close 30 minutes before the start time. Tickets MUST be collected within this timeframe. If you are unable to collect your ticket, you will not be permitted to attend. Should you have guests travelling from overseas, we would encourage them not to book flights before you have received official confirmation of your award on SOLAR. The university will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by your guests.

Gown Hire

You can hire your gown through Ede & Ravenscroft. The deadline to hire your gown is Monday 1 July 2024. This is an external company and not Coventry University. Any gown hire queries or photography queries need to be directed to Ede & Ravenscroft and not Coventry University. Their contact details can be found below:

When ordering your academic dress, please be aware of the following:

  • Ede & Ravenscroft have a deadline for ordering gowns of about 10 days before the ceremony. There is no guarantee that the company will have spare stock on the day, so it is important you order by their deadline. If you do not order in advance and are able to hire a gown on the day, please note that the company do charge more.
  • There will be a small number of gowns available to hire on the day, but these do cost more and there is no guarantee of availability. You are strongly advised to book your gown in advance.
  • Coventry University is not able to assist you with the ordering of gowns or answering questions about gown hire as it is a third-party supplier. If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact Ede & Ravenscroft directly using the details above.
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