Waste Food-Energy-Water Urban Living Labs - mapping and reducing waste in the food-energy-water nexus


Belmont Forum and Urban Europe for 3 years.


Professor Sue Charlesworth


We aim to map and substantially reduce waste in the urban food-energy-water (FEW) nexus in city-regions across three continents: Europe, Africa and South America. We will establish four Urban Living Labs (ULL) of key stakeholders who will undertake participatory research to: a) map resource flows; b) identify critical dysfunctional linear pathways; c) agree the response most appropriate to the local context (e.g. policy intervention, technology diffusion); d) model the market and non-market economic value of each intervention; and e) engage with decision makers to close each loop.

Bristol Urban Living Lab Kick off Meeting in Avonmouth, the industrial river mouth outside Bristol where Wessex Water/GENeco have their main plant/operations in the SW region.