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contrasting image with low carbon, electric charging on the right, and carbon use on the right

Clean growth

The global challenge of climate change creates a need for research and innovation to drive forward transport solutions which improve lives, support sustainable economic growth, and help us transition to zero-emission travel. Coventry University's research into Clean Growth addresses these challenges by delivering practical and relevant solutions.

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Centre for E-Mobility and Clean Growth

Aligned with the global challenges related to the decarbonisation of the transport and energy sectors, our Centre for E-Mobility and Clean Growth carries out research based around lithium batteries, power electronics and electric drives, supercapacitors, and fuel cells with core applications in transport.

A close up of a Perspex box with 4 layers of copper coil, blue batteries and red cables

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Effective battery thermal management systems are critical for the performance and safety of electric vehicles. Battery thermal management systems must both remove heat during battery charge and discharge and maintain the temperature of the cells above a minimum threshold for safe operation in cold environments.

A battery with the Coventry University logo on it alongside a new type of battery with parts exposed

Smart Cells Research

As we move towards a carbon neutral world, battery cell development and design will continue to evolve. Coventry University experts have the knowledge, facilities, and software to support battery producers with the research, design, and rapid prototyping of new smart cells.

A laboratory scene

Hydrogen Energy Research

As the transport sector looks to reduce its emissions in response to climate change challenges, hydrogen energy presents a viable path to zero-emission transport.

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Centre for Manufacturing and Materials

The Centre for Manufacturing and Materials (CMM) focuses on delivering improvements to the whole life-cycle of materials, products and processes.

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